Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Unique house quest!!!

Good evening, ladies and gentermens.... well, its been awhile since this adventure happened, however, it needs to be told. When I was growing up(actually even now), I was fascinated with gathering random information and facts. One year for my birthday, I received a kids book of Lists. If you are wondering what a book of Lists is, refer to last sentence. One section of the book was dedicated to seven unique houses in the United States. One of these houses jus happens to be like 1 and half hours from where we live now!!! I didnt know this at all. About a month ago, we took a family trip to Ocean City, NJ. Yeah, yeah, New Joisy is pretty filthy, but hey, it was a beach!! Major cali withdrawals... anyhow, the boardwalk was cool and the water was ice cold but felt good cuz it was super hot and humid.

After we left the beach, Monica said, "Yo, let's roll up to Atlantic City to get my gamble on!" I was all, "Bling, bling!" and off we went. As we were making the time up there, I saw a sign that said Lucy and a picture of an elephant. There went my mind, kinda like Encyclopedia Brown, yeah you nerds heard me right.... Up came unique houses of US of A. We made a quick detour and lo, there was Lucy in all her glory. Its a pretty interesting house, especially considering only one family lived in Lucy, and she's been around since like 1881. If you ever are in NJ, look up Lucy! She needs your support!!


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Rebecca said...

H ah a...and elephant house!!! I bet hazel was thinking "this is heaven." Thats hillarious!!!