Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Hazel get's her play on

I struggle with attempting to keep Hazel away from kids. I know that sounds totally bizarre but I had a really rough childhood when it came to other children. I grew up in a neighborhood where I was the minority and kids picked on me because of that, and I had boogers, and I was shy so yeah I was a target for kids to pick on me. . So I fear Hazel being around mean children and would be heartbroken if she went through what I did. I used to plan to go to the neighborhood playground when I knew there would be little to no children there. I knew Hazel would love to play with kids so I would make make myself go during the "peak" playground hours too. Hazel is extremely social and always wants to hang out with kids on the playground or wherever....to which I internally say, "oh great...here we go" I've watched Hazel and she doesn't cower when picked on, she sticks up for herself...she can handle herself...she isn't shy, timid, wallflower Monica. So part of me wanting her to join this play group was so that I could get over my fear and more importantly so Hazel could learn to socialize with other children.

Hazel attended her first reading hour/playtime last week. I have been so excited to take her to this thing for weeks. She's already involved in the read to me club and we have read over 30 books and really wanted her to be involved in the library programs. So the librarian starts off by singing, then she reads a book, more songs, more books and then playtime for a half hour. Hazel loves the singing portion of the group! She is for some reason under the impression that she is the performer of the group and immediately runs to the center of the circle and starts to dance. I am a bit embarrassed at this point because it is something I would never do. I look around at the expressions of the other parents to see if they are annoyed...and they appear unfazed so I then feel a little more comfortable. The librarian is smiling at Hazel and a couple of other kids follow her lead and begin dancing as well. It is difficult for me as a shy person to have such a flamboyant child, a child that will run up to another kids and give them a big bear hug and will kiss them....they often look very disturbed as I pull her away and gentle say, "say goodbye to your friend Hazel!"

Her little sister is always the victim of the "HUGE" Hazel hug :)

Well Hazel loved the group and is working on her "biting" issues. I only had to intercede on 3 attempted bitings by Hazel while keeping Hazel away from a mean 4 + year old who was bent on taking every toy away from her (who she tried to defend herself against by trying to bite her), all while carrying around a 6 month old in my arms as I followed Hazel in order to keep her from pulling out her fangs (she really has fangs....Joe is thrilled).

So here are a few pics of Hazel at her group....

Hazel was so excited to wear her Hello Kitty backpack.

I don't know what she was doing...probably twirling (she loves to twirl)

And the dancing....

She loved playing....

It was so awesome to see Hazel having so much fun!!! I'm working on my issues about trying to shelter her from harm (mostly rude, mean, unkind children). I know God will protect Hazel and that she has the capability to defend herself, which at this point results in biting and which I cannot encourage, but at least I know she's not going to let herself be pushed around.

She's an awesome little girl, truly a joy!!!

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Ally said...

Moni I love reading your blog. Keep it coming. Hazey takes after her Auntie Ally. She's going to be fine and so will you. I love you guys!