Friday, June 26, 2009

California Cherries

The note attached said, "you can forget the leeks and onions, but not the cherries!" amazing sister Ginger had sent us an extra special package (we love packages) and had lifted our spirits once again. Note: Hazel & I ate all the cherries, not sharing with Jade & snooze, you lose.

Thank you sister....

Jade's reaction to cows.....

During our recent adventure (see blog below) we drove through Pa countryside, and discovered that Jade really loves cows....



Chips & Roses

We recently visited the Herr's Factory, taking a tour...tasting FRESHLY made chips (they were still warm)....and spending quality family time together. We toured the factory seeing how they manufacture the chips, package them, etc. It was quite interesting. Joe & I have been wanting to take the tour for some time. He has suggested I "check it out" hundreds of time, but I was just not that motivated to make the hour drive solo. So, when Joe had a day off we decided to make the drive and take the snack tour challenge. For the West Coast crowd: Herr's is a company base in Pa that makes chips & wonderful snacks :)

We then drove, and drove....saw some cows.

And visited the Brandywine Creek State Park in Wilmington Delaware. Our intention was to attend the Family night at the Brandywine Zoo. We discovered that the Family night had been cancelled due to possible bad weather. We still had tons of fun walking around the park, and Hazel Rei got the chance to smell pretty flowers and I think she was very happy! Once she stopped crying because she couldn't see the tigers...

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

We are turning Japanese

We recently visited a authentic Japanese house at Fairmont Park in Philadelphia. We love this park, it is so beautiful. The thing that really strikes me about Pennsylvania is just how GREEN everything is, and since green happens to be my favorite color, I am happy. Joe and I are very interested in other cultures, particularly that of Japan. We love the food, the art, the people!! When we heard about this house, we made it a priority to check it out. It was beautiful, the garden was amazing, the pond, and the house was set up like an actual Japanese house. You even had to remove your shoes as you walked through it. Hazel loved it, and when we arrived at the tea room she asked what they were drinking. When I explained it was probably green tea, she said she wanted to drink green tea....and since then she has been a green tea fan!!! We had so much fun, and since time is very precious to was nice to spend some time all together!!

We then took a short little hike around some of the park.

Our one and only family pic.

We then drove around a bit and found a stable. The girls were so excited to see the horses so we just had to stop. Hazel and Jade had fun saying hello to the horses. It was all fun and games until Hazel's golden locks were nearly mistaken for hay by one of the horses. Luckily daddy caught it in time, and saved Hazel's signature locks.

Hazel took this picture of her favorite horse...

Much love,