Thursday, June 28, 2012


Just going through the pics of our California trip, feeling a little homesick. It happens from time to time, being far from family and friends is rough. So, I thought I would post a few pics of the Montgomery kids, just to make sure there was still a pulse left in our beloved blog....
Lots of love!!
Monica <3

Monday, June 11, 2012

First Phillies game!

We have totally been slacking on blogs, thus the onslaught of previous history, but hey this is important
stuff here. We attended our first Phillies game, had great seats and they won!

Hazel was a great heckler!

Monster trucks!!!

It was super hot!

Really hot!
 After the Family got back from SC, we went to a Monster Truck rally of sorts . It was Memorial Day weekend, but there was no breeze and super duper hot!
 There was a really cool Evil Kenevil dude, but his name was Doug Danger!

 There were a total of four Monster trucks and not quite as impressive as you would think, but still fun! They also had quad wars, BMX guys there, some dude dressed as a gorilla(IDK), and even an awesome standside drama involving a free frisbee, ( believe me, dont, I repeat dont try, kid, to take a free frisbee, from a lady from the ghetto), yeah, pretty awesome day indeed...
Cool BMX tricks!

It was a great day of white trash fun for all, but as Hazel well put it, I am not doin that ever again....

2nd best day ever...

 So to preface the title, yesterday, Sunday, Hazel had exclaimed it was the best day she had ever had... Today was pretty awesome too, so I had to ask...She said it was good but yesterday was still better!
  We started off with a chill morning at home and then proceeded to go pick fresh strawberries at Highland Orchards in Westchester.
 Max had fun, more fun eating the berries than actually picking....

 The girls had alot of fun and we found some super huge berries, not sure what we are doing with them but probably some jam to enjoy this winter...

 Then we moved on to cherry picking. It was a BYOL party, okay it was bring your own Ladder,
hahaha thankfully we had one we had previously borrowed... Really super delicious sweet cherries,
they turned into a clafoutis later that night,
 The girls did a good job on the ladder, but the whole thing turned into a scene from Funniest Home Videos as the box broke on one side, all the cherries flew into the air, and Max's stroller cruised down the hill....pretty classic!
We finished the afternoon with a dip in our friends pool and Max really enjoyed swimming with Dad and splashing with Hazel...
Thus, Second best day ever...;)

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Night Market

I plan to post pictures from our California trip but there are really so many I just feel overwhelmed. We were happy to be back at home. We missed our Joe/Daddy/Best Friend/Favorite Chef/all around fun guy! A couple of days after we got home, we went to the Philadelphia Night Market with dear friends and had a great time.  We had been to one before, and were excited to go again. We took a few pics, and since dinner is over, and the kids are playing I thought I would post ;)

The Montgomerys <3