Monday, June 11, 2012

Monster trucks!!!

It was super hot!

Really hot!
 After the Family got back from SC, we went to a Monster Truck rally of sorts . It was Memorial Day weekend, but there was no breeze and super duper hot!
 There was a really cool Evil Kenevil dude, but his name was Doug Danger!

 There were a total of four Monster trucks and not quite as impressive as you would think, but still fun! They also had quad wars, BMX guys there, some dude dressed as a gorilla(IDK), and even an awesome standside drama involving a free frisbee, ( believe me, dont, I repeat dont try, kid, to take a free frisbee, from a lady from the ghetto), yeah, pretty awesome day indeed...
Cool BMX tricks!

It was a great day of white trash fun for all, but as Hazel well put it, I am not doin that ever again....

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Anonymous said...

Geez! Looks fun:/ Love the Doug Danger guy. That's hilarious! xoxo auntie ally