Monday, December 20, 2010

Little People

The first Christmas present! The little people nativity! The girls had so much fun playing with it last night.
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Friday, December 17, 2010

Lovely time of year...

The Christmas season has been lovely....busy...but lovely, lovely, lovely indeed.

The girls were excited to ge to go to Breakfast with Santa, thanks to lovely friends! It was the perfect way to start the Christmas season!
We finally had our annual Christmas tree decorating night!
Cookies and Cocoa!
Although, we will be missing family and friends desperately this Christmas, we are looking forward to a peaceful & simple Christmas at home. We send you all of our love! God Bless you all!
The Montgomerys

Saturday, December 11, 2010

This Morning...

Santa came to our town! Just for a little visit! The girls were of course super DUPER excited!

We also got to buy the best donuts in the whole world! They are made by the fire company and are oh so delicious!

Merry Christmas!
MON <3

Friday, December 3, 2010

Good Morning & Happy Friday!

I was excited to wake up Hazel (who is more like waking up a teenager than a 4 year old) to Oatmeal! Oatmeal happens to be her most favorite thing to eat in the morning. I don't always make it because I guess boiling water and placing oats in the pan is too much work for little old me...but today was different. I just purchased some new oats and was ready to go. So I woke up Miss Hazel Rei with the exciting news!

Sadly, she was not all that happy this morning and made it known that she was pretty grouchy!
You see the thing about Hazel...she hates being woken up. When she wakes up leisurely on her own, she is fabulous and bubbly...but wake her up before she desires to and watch out.
Jade was happy though!  You see the thing about Jade...she goes to bed without a tear, without whining, usually happy as can be...and regardless of when she wakes...she is just as happy. 

Oh, the beautiful differences!

God Bless you sweet friends and family today!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

For Momma

Well that would be abuelita to Hazel and Jade, but momma to me! You see, my mom is amazing. She is kind, sweet, loving, and generous (just to name a few of her great attributes). She is always thinking of the girls and they just love her so much (as do I). Did I mention she is fabulous, talented, and creative???? Well she is! She knitted the girls little hats for the winter time and made flowers out of felt to sew on them. I suggested adding a button to the flowers (because I am a button fanatic), and so she did. While we were in California Hazel caught wind of the project and decided that she wanted a larger gold button with a faux pearl in the middle. My mom and I tried to talk her out of it, because it was, well, just a little much. Hazel insisted on the gaudy button, and just like always...abuelita let her have it her way! 

*So here are the pics of the girls and their hats momma...I just love you to pieces and miss you so very much!!*
A couple of pics that are a bit blurry but oh so cute.

Saturday, November 27, 2010


Thanksgiving was delightful. Delicious. Lovely. Warm. Cozy. Simple.

We spent a quiet day at home and a couple of friends joined us. I should first start out by saying that I am very blessed to have a husband like Joe. Well, since he is a chef and all, and Thanksgiving is all about food, we get kind of hooked up. We decided to buy a farm fresh, free-range turkey straight from a local farm, and used simple and wholesome ingredients, throw in a fabulous chef...and you have a recipe for deliciousness. This year, I helped by baking some mini apples pies in mason jars, mini pumpkin whoopie pies, and rolls. We had a fabuous Thanksgiving, and hope that everyone out there had a lovely day as well!
Love and God Bless You!!!!!!!!


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Impromptu Photo Shoots are THE best.

It happens from time to time. When either Joe or I are taking photos, a nice person will offer to take a family shot. They usually have no idea how to work the camera, and bless their hearts...someone usually has their eyes closed or a head turned in the opposite direction. In those cases you are just happy that they offered and thank them because family photos are rare.

This Sunday we spent an immensely enjoyable afternoon at a Museum. Our kids loved it. We learned stuff. We admired some awesome art. We had a nice little bite to eat at the cafe. It was bliss. We made our way outdoors and while Joe was snapping a photo of me and the girls, this enthusiastic woman came out of nowhere and offered to take a family photo. Only this offer was a bit different than most times. She grabbed our camera and quickly began what was the most bizarre photo shoot ever. She took one of me, asked me to move my shoulders slightly to the right, lift my chin, and stand a bit farther back! She moved back, and forth, crouched to the left, moved the camera to the right then the left, moved us around so that she could ge the best light. She wanted to take one with Joe and myself, one of us with just Jade, then with Hazel, then with just Joe. It was intriguing. So here are the photos she took. My poor husband looks a bit frightened and is laughing through the fear. Yes, these things only happen to us. Bless her heart, she was eccentric, kind, and nice which is rare in most people these days!

Mon <3