Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Impromptu Photo Shoots are THE best.

It happens from time to time. When either Joe or I are taking photos, a nice person will offer to take a family shot. They usually have no idea how to work the camera, and bless their hearts...someone usually has their eyes closed or a head turned in the opposite direction. In those cases you are just happy that they offered and thank them because family photos are rare.

This Sunday we spent an immensely enjoyable afternoon at a Museum. Our kids loved it. We learned stuff. We admired some awesome art. We had a nice little bite to eat at the cafe. It was bliss. We made our way outdoors and while Joe was snapping a photo of me and the girls, this enthusiastic woman came out of nowhere and offered to take a family photo. Only this offer was a bit different than most times. She grabbed our camera and quickly began what was the most bizarre photo shoot ever. She took one of me, asked me to move my shoulders slightly to the right, lift my chin, and stand a bit farther back! She moved back, and forth, crouched to the left, moved the camera to the right then the left, moved us around so that she could ge the best light. She wanted to take one with Joe and myself, one of us with just Jade, then with Hazel, then with just Joe. It was intriguing. So here are the photos she took. My poor husband looks a bit frightened and is laughing through the fear. Yes, these things only happen to us. Bless her heart, she was eccentric, kind, and nice which is rare in most people these days!

Mon <3


Joanne Cox said...

Love the pictures of you and your bearded man!!
Jade's looking a little scared in the last one;) lol

They are beautiful!!
<3 you Mon!

Anonymous said...

Looks good! This was the photo shoot you told me about the other day. I was laughing when you said "laughing through the fear" it totally looks that way. So cute.
Love Nads