Sunday, November 28, 2010

For Momma

Well that would be abuelita to Hazel and Jade, but momma to me! You see, my mom is amazing. She is kind, sweet, loving, and generous (just to name a few of her great attributes). She is always thinking of the girls and they just love her so much (as do I). Did I mention she is fabulous, talented, and creative???? Well she is! She knitted the girls little hats for the winter time and made flowers out of felt to sew on them. I suggested adding a button to the flowers (because I am a button fanatic), and so she did. While we were in California Hazel caught wind of the project and decided that she wanted a larger gold button with a faux pearl in the middle. My mom and I tried to talk her out of it, because it was, well, just a little much. Hazel insisted on the gaudy button, and just like always...abuelita let her have it her way! 

*So here are the pics of the girls and their hats momma...I just love you to pieces and miss you so very much!!*
A couple of pics that are a bit blurry but oh so cute.


Corynne Escalante said...

very cute. good job on the beanies, abuelita.

Joanne Cox said...

so beautiful, your mom is amazing and the girls DARLING!:)

Alyssum... said...

Oh those girls are just too cute. Hazel CRACKS ME UP. The button is awesome. :) I love her model pose in the first picture. That little girl is a force to be reckoned with!!!