Friday, December 3, 2010

Good Morning & Happy Friday!

I was excited to wake up Hazel (who is more like waking up a teenager than a 4 year old) to Oatmeal! Oatmeal happens to be her most favorite thing to eat in the morning. I don't always make it because I guess boiling water and placing oats in the pan is too much work for little old me...but today was different. I just purchased some new oats and was ready to go. So I woke up Miss Hazel Rei with the exciting news!

Sadly, she was not all that happy this morning and made it known that she was pretty grouchy!
You see the thing about Hazel...she hates being woken up. When she wakes up leisurely on her own, she is fabulous and bubbly...but wake her up before she desires to and watch out.
Jade was happy though!  You see the thing about Jade...she goes to bed without a tear, without whining, usually happy as can be...and regardless of when she wakes...she is just as happy. 

Oh, the beautiful differences!

God Bless you sweet friends and family today!


Alyssum... said...

Oh that Jade girl! She's just a bubble of goodness, isn't she? I love Hazel's snarky face, refusing to be photographed. :) What a doll.

The Montgomerys said...