Friday, October 31, 2008

Candy Corn kids....

Man oh man are they quick!! I'm not sure if they have a routine down or what but my girls have a way of destroying things fast. I was curious and asked a mom at our playgroup if her child had a passion for destruction like Hazel Rei and she replied, "oh, not really!"...I just figured I was blessed...yes God has blessed me!!!

My ever so wonderful, beautiful, and sweet little sister sent us a care package last week. It included a French Press (which has completed my life---love it, thanks the Roses, you are the best!), the Halloween Starbucks bear (we have a bit of a collection going here), and yes the ill-fated bag of candy corn...for Joe. Joe was happy to receive such a sweet gift and opened them to taste a few (the man has self control), leaving them on the counter...they were resealed by a clip...all was well.

I had gone upstairs to retrieve laundry, leaving the girls downstairs with toys and books to leave them occupied while I was gone for oh say, 3 minutes. I believe from the moment I turned to go upstairs, Hazel jumped into action. She dragged a chair to the counter, stepped on it, got the bag of candy corn, took it to her activity table and her and Jade began their naughty candy corn escapades. When I got downstairs, chairs were knocked over...Jade had like 5 candy corns in each hand (she was out of control) and Hazel was singing, overjoyed, ecstatic. There was candy corn everywhere! I was mad! My second thought was, "I gotta get a pic of this!" So I did....

These are the looks I received when I took the candy corn away. Jade needs candy corn rehab...look at her...she's a mess!!!!

Happy Halloween to everyone!!! I can't wait to post pics!!!
Love, Love, Love

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Jade likes to move it...move it...

It was late...the Phillies had won the world series...I was apathetic...about baseball...about cleaning up after my tornado children...tired. So I was resting on the couch. Hazel & Jade love that song from the movie Madagascar...and when Joe put it on Jade started to clap and jump up and down. It was freakin' awesome. I caught a bit of it. I had given up picking up the toys from the floor and allowed the toy anarchy to ensue...enjoy...



She like to move it move it...

Monday, October 27, 2008

6 months....

Six months ago we arrived in Philadelphia with our Penske truck filled with all of our earthly possessions and with mixed expectations. We had no idea where we were going to call home and what our lives would be like. It is just amazing how six months have passed. Today is our 6 month anniversary and it couldn't be more evident that we are no longer Californians than a frigid 42 degree Philadelphia evening (and believe me peeps, it's only going to get colder). We celebrated by partaking in our most favorite Philadelphian delicacy...the cheesesteak. We have eaten at the two most famous places to get cheesesteaks, Genos & Pat's in South Philly. However tonight, we decided to try out Tony Luke's. We had a delicious Philadelphian dinner of Philly cheesesteaks & cheese fries. Tony Luke's is by far our most favorite steak joint...ok it was so yumm...I mean it. We ended the night with a cannoli from a local Philly bakery and a visit to our most favorite place, is a bit like 7 eleven & subway mixed together only a million times better!!!

God has done so much during these six months. We have certainly had to rely on him for everything. We have grown closer as a family and have had very rough times but even more joyful & awesome adventures. I'm not sure if I could go back to April 08, what decision I would of now I wouldn't trade that last six months. I haven't felt such sadness ever....I have missed so many people and have felt a huge void in my heart. I long to see my family...we were just discussing the MANY Californian delicacies we miss (i.e In-N-Out, Del Taco, Break of Dawn)...and look forward to pigging out when we are in the Golden State. Most importantly we have learned that God's will is perfect and knowing that, and being content in that is of most importance in your life. God has brought us to Philadelphia for a reason! I look back to my life in California with longing sometimes, like it was perfect, way better than here...I often think. I remember specifically being discontent with the situation there...Joe was never home, I had to work...etc. I know that this is where we are meant to be...and I plan to proceed with the next 6 months with this renewed mindset. So I guess what I'm saying is that I'm excited now, excited to see what else God has in store for us because he has blessed us so much here that I know he is forever taking care of us and wants to bless us so much.

Thank you to all our family & friends. Thank you for the calls, txts, emails, care packages, etc. Thank you to our very faithful friends & fam who have called just to check in on us, or sent a funny or encouraging txts...your support has been more precious than anything. We have had such loyal friends that have really gone out of there way to let us know they are thinking about us & love us. We couldn't ask for a more awesome family...Cali...Kansas, Missouri, are all so very awesome. We love you loyal bog readers! Knowing that you all care enough to read our blog and see what we are up to means the world to us, it has helped us get through the last 6 months and to ensure that we have not been forgotten. Thank you, thank you, thank are all blessings from the Lord...and we love you so much!!!!!!!!!

Teach me to do Your will,
For You are my God;
Your Spirit is good.
Lead me in the land of uprightness.

Psalms 143:10



Bubble Bath For Two!

It hadn't occurred to me to bath the girls all at once. Jade was just too little and I hated to toss her into the tumultuous waters of Hazel's bath plus I knew how Haze loved to swim in the bath and I didn't want Jade to infringe upon her aquatic endeavours. However when I saw the image above I knew that Jade really wanting to jump in there with her sis! But did Hazel want her lil' sis to bath with her? Well, yes she did...she said, "Baby go right here!" as she slapped the water near her side. I was apprehensive, because I wasn't sure I could hold unto Jade & my camera...I was very cautious and caught some really precious pics of my two little lovelies bathing together. They giggled, they hugged, Jade got a bubble sandwich, and they just had the best time ever!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Oh the things I must do....

I had an insurmountable list of chores to attend to. There were of course the mound of dishes I needed to wash, the piles and piles of toys to organize, a bed to make, floors that begged to be swept and rid of remnants of cheerios and other debris, kid's laundry, but I shunned my obligations to cleanliness in return for a walk, books, and inevitably coffee. I just knew that if I started on those household issues we would of been stuck in the house all day...and with winter coming I really want to take advantage of the days when we can be outside.

I loved our walk. I just love walking in general it is nice! I especially like walking up hills when you are about to breath your last deep breath and you've reached your goal and yes, you can breath normally again...this is my favorite. The air was nice and cool and even though the library was closed, much to my surprise, we spent some time at the park which was very refreshing. We made our way home with a quick stop at starbucks and a lovely little chat with our favorite barista, Molly. I love days when you finally decide that what you need to do can wait, and what you should do is get out and enjoy life...which is exactly what we did.

The Seller's library is off of Hazel Ave...

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Stabucks how I love thee....

I remember the day when I saw the "Starbucks coming soon" sign and waited in anticipation for the grand opening. I counted down the days as if a very monumental event was about to occur. It has been open for 1 month now and Oh what a joyous month it has been.

So, since Joe is working on the weekends our little adventures are going to cease for a bit. I am happy to tackle urgent organizational projects at home and to relax. Since we are without a car when Joe works his weekend job, we now have Starbucks to visit. Yes, we are regulars and the employees know the girls and I, and yes much to Joe's chagrin...Hazel says "I wanna go to Staaabucks!" Life is good! Say what you may about Starbucks, it will forever hold a special place in my heart & will always feel like home. From my days as an undergraduate studying away on late Friday nights, or just hanging out with Nicole discussing Nietzsche & Moliere over Americanos & has always felt like home whether I am in Cali or Philly!! A typical Saturday morning includes a very anticipated trip to the Upper Darby starbucks...yeee haaa. We pack up the wagon with tons of books and head out. We read, I drink coffee, Hazel drinks milk, and if we are really, really going all out we get a treat. I love the time I get to hang out with Hazel & Jade at Starbucks and I am grateful for it...thank you Lord for small blessings!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Hay Ride!

Okay, I promise this one will be short!! ;p We have a great orchard near us called Linvilla. We went here the other nite for a fun little hayride. It was a crisp fall evening and a full moon to boot. It was so invigorating and comforting at the same time, smelling the freshly cut hay, cool air, and surronded by the best family ever... We did the hayride, and afterwards, got some yummy fresh apple cider, and roasted marshmallows by a bonfire. Oh fall is so fun, yet fleeting! Fall is great for familys!!!