Sunday, October 12, 2008

Finest Tree Butt Evaaaaaa!!

So you're asking yourself, 'What the....?' C'mon kids, we're goin on a little adventure I like to call "tree spanking." So today, my family and I took a little walk through the Arlington Cemetery by our house, no not THE Arlington Cemetery, jus this cool one by our house. It is an activity that I enjoy to do to read the quotes and see the history, its jus nice and relaxing. I know, us relax, but hey, to each their own. We were crusing around and we were almost done as we approached the final turn to the home stretch. Suddenly, there it was in all its glory. The clouds parted and down shone from heaven a glorious light to behold. Okay, so there weren't any clouds, nor was there any light from heaven but I figure if Joseph Smith can find ruby colored glasses and some gold plates, I can embellish my life too, right? But anyhow, I found the most amazing tree butt I have ever seen. Please take this as a challenge to find a far better one, and let me know. To those not in the know, a tree butt is when a tree has an abnormal growth around its midsection not unlike our human posterior. And now, (drumroll please....), may I present Exhibit A and B. Joe spanking that fine tree butt like a good Philly,before and after, and exhibit C. getting a grasp on the sitchyashun,Exhibit D. Monica taking a break...

Exhibit E. The Mrs. Monty tree shakin' and finally, Exhibit F. The classic and undeniably great and appropriate Credit Check.
Yeah, you could say this was one of the best discoveries in Pennsylvania ever.
Oh, jus in case you were wondering, the card was approved!!!

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