Monday, October 13, 2008

Fall....oh sweet relief!!

"I cannot endure to waste anything as precious as autumn sunshine by staying in the house. So I spend almost all the daylight hours in the open air."

- Nathaniel Hawthorne

I don't know if it's the orange and red leaves everywhere or the cool breezes, and warm sunshine that make Fall my ultimate favorite season of the year. Being a native Southern California girl I have yet to experience a legitimate Fall...all until now. Let's just say I hope and pray that I never again experience another East Coast summer....give me a beach, a pool, and definitely no humidity and I'll be just fine. Humidity makes me feel slightly insane as if I am by no means responsible for my behavior...I can blame it on the humidity! But Fall, oh beautiful's absolutely gorgeous. It's a giant invigorating, deep breath!

Joe worked yesterday and arrived home at about 4:00. Hazel had been dying to ride in her wagon and I had promised her that we would just as soon as Daddy arrived. So we loaded the girls in their wagon and set out for a lovely, early evening, Fall stroll.

I had been dying for an Americano from Starbucks (Half Caff/no water/2 splendas---oh it is Heaven!!!!) and we wanted to feed our ever grown obsession (McDonald's Monopoly baby) so we figured a walk would be just fine. We never eat McDonald's unless we are on a road trip where McDonald's are ever so abundant.....but when Monopoly time rolls around...we are so there. So we stopped off at McD's and headed toward the Arlington Cemetery.

I find it highly ironic that as a child my mom would take us to cemeteries...I would always get so sad reading the tombstones and would leave so heavy hearted...and God brought me Joe who loves to do that as well....hummm! As an adult, during my Western Europe backpacking extravaganza I even dragged poor Nadia to the Pere Lachaise Cemetery in Paris (ever in Paris...please go it is AMAZING So it just worked out that yesterday we would visit the Arlington cemetery. We sat and ate our delicious (but very high in calories) fast-food and observed our surroundings. I was reluctant and felt a little spooked and said as I saw joggers passing by "I would never jog here!!" to which Joe replied, "It's peaceful and really there isn't anyone here anyways!!" Oh my ever so sensitive husband! So we walked along the pathway pointing out interesting tombstones with scriptures or was really enjoyable.

Now, I was at an interesting grave site, reading, in deep contemplation, "oh this person was born in 1895!!"...when I heard, "Hey Monica, that's a sweet butt tree....hey take my picture" we had stumbled upon the impressive "butt tree" (read Joe's blog below). and my heavy burdened heart was lifted and we did what we do best....act like crazy, silly people. Once our fun was done...we turned around and noticed our two children looking very bewildered at us...poor children. I also wanted to post some pics of the other beautiful things we came upon on our walk.

My little camera really did not do the image above any justice. As we walked out of the cemetery I caught a glimpse of the beautiful stone gate, the awesome fall leaves, and a little glimmer of the glorious sunshine and had to snap this shot. I believe it encompasses our beautiful day...and my most favorite time of year.

***We have so many potential blogs, Lancaster County trip, our Giant Pumpkin exhibit and autumm hay ride, Hazey's 2 1/2 well-baby visit, and the beginning Fall reading program keep an eye on our blog for future blogs....

Love & I hope you are enjoying life, love, and this beautiful time of year!! God Bless!!!!!!!


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