Friday, October 17, 2008

I love her....

I love her little chubby cheeks and the way she fits perfectly resting on my shoulder. I love the way she pats my back when I'm holding her and makes the sweetest little humming sound, as if to express how completely comfortable & content she is. I love her smile and her little dimple, I love everything about her. I love her animated ambition as she grabs cabbage patch dolls by their hair and pounds them on the hardwood floors. I love her "mmm mmm" sounds when she's eating and how excited cheerios make her. I love falling asleep with her in my arms, smelling her, kissing her...I just love my beautiful Jade. I love her sensitivity and the yes even her pre-crying frown brought on by my stern, "no Jade". I love how she's happy and smiling from the moment she wakes. I love seeing her smile as she lives vicariously through Hazel's adventures. I love how God knew we needed her and surprised us with he knew we needed her to complete our family.

I'm just trying to cherish these fleeting months leading up to her 1st birthday and almost want her to stay little forever!!!
Happy Friday!!!!

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Anonymous said...

she is such a sweetie pie... you're so blessed to have such a sweetie... i luv her to auntie susie