Friday, October 31, 2008

Candy Corn kids....

Man oh man are they quick!! I'm not sure if they have a routine down or what but my girls have a way of destroying things fast. I was curious and asked a mom at our playgroup if her child had a passion for destruction like Hazel Rei and she replied, "oh, not really!"...I just figured I was blessed...yes God has blessed me!!!

My ever so wonderful, beautiful, and sweet little sister sent us a care package last week. It included a French Press (which has completed my life---love it, thanks the Roses, you are the best!), the Halloween Starbucks bear (we have a bit of a collection going here), and yes the ill-fated bag of candy corn...for Joe. Joe was happy to receive such a sweet gift and opened them to taste a few (the man has self control), leaving them on the counter...they were resealed by a clip...all was well.

I had gone upstairs to retrieve laundry, leaving the girls downstairs with toys and books to leave them occupied while I was gone for oh say, 3 minutes. I believe from the moment I turned to go upstairs, Hazel jumped into action. She dragged a chair to the counter, stepped on it, got the bag of candy corn, took it to her activity table and her and Jade began their naughty candy corn escapades. When I got downstairs, chairs were knocked over...Jade had like 5 candy corns in each hand (she was out of control) and Hazel was singing, overjoyed, ecstatic. There was candy corn everywhere! I was mad! My second thought was, "I gotta get a pic of this!" So I did....

These are the looks I received when I took the candy corn away. Jade needs candy corn rehab...look at her...she's a mess!!!!

Happy Halloween to everyone!!! I can't wait to post pics!!!
Love, Love, Love


Auntie Ally said...

Love you Moni, can't wait to see the holloween pics. Hope you're having a good day!

Erin said...

Jade's facial expressions are priceless!