Friday, February 27, 2009

That was one great day :)

You know it's a beautiful, wonderful, fabulous day when you have a perma-smile the entire day! Well that is what Saturday was like, well mostly, up until Joe said he had to work that night...but we still made the most out of the day. We started our day with a brief, but ever so effective little jog, then a stop at my most favorite place...Starbucks. An iced americano and a cream-cheese bagel later....well the day just started out heavenly. We scampered back home, got ready, and headed out to Oxford, PA. Why? Well Joe's friend from QVC invited us out for an evening of Amish BBQ! I know it's sounds like something you really don't know if you should be apprehensive about, or excited. Well, it was absolutely FAB!!! I mean it was one of the most delicious things to touch our tongues since...well I don't know when. I had BBQ chicken, BBQ roasted potatoes, a roll, and applesauce, and my pork lovin' hubby had a BBQ pork sandwich, potatoes, and a applesauce. It was simple but total perfection. The BBQ was sold at a lovely Amish market, where they also had HEAVENLY pretzels, I mean they were so gooooood, you cannot even I love the Amish folk. Sorry there are no pics of the actual BBQ, we were hungry and ate it too fast. We will be back though...and will snap pics of the deliciousness!

Thank you Lord, for new friends...

And this Amish lady who made one of the most amazing pretzels I have ever had.....

They had beautiful produce.....

We wish we had $4800 to buy the girls their custom Amish-made dream house.....

With a beautiful kitchen...

It had a loft.....

And a front porch swing....

Maybe we will buy them this pet's cheaper!



Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Smithsonian

I love Washington DC. There is so much History, just everywhere....literally. I love the vibe there too, everyone just seem so smart, so educated...I of course felt like an illiterate hillbilly but I felt privileged to be in the midst of such individuals. I have always loved to read, loved politics, loved the judicial process. While attending college, I was a student employee with the Department of Justice and we would get the opportunity to go to the swearing in ceremonies for Immigrations. My sister and I would just be so enamored to see the Judge pass us by. We would quietly squeal to each other, "OMG that's the JUDGE!!!" We were political science geeks, so go figure!

Last month, my sister Ally and her Husband Aarron allowed the girls & I to tag along with them on a short 2 day trip to DC. We walked, and walked, and walked (anyone who has visited DC can attest to this!). We were able to visit two parts of the enormous Smithsonian museum (this is my 4th trip to DC and I am no where near seeing everything). Believe it or not that took a whole day. We visited the Air and Space portion, and the American History. I had such a blast!! Hazel & Jade were so good and I feel very privileged that I have children that love museums and can behave appropriately!!! Of course I was blessed to have one asleep at the Air and Space museum (Jade), and one asleep for part of the American History Museum (Hazel).

I hope you enjoy the photos....

At the Air & Space Museum....

At the American History Museum...

This is Julia Child's Kitchen. I think it's cute how Hazel just stood there in awe for about 15 minutes. I think she feels very at home in the kitchen since Joe is very hands on with her in regards to cooking and let's her "help" with dinner even letting her help "chop"!

The had an exhibit on American toys...

Jade as the "President"...

We hope you have a wonderful Sunday.

Much love,


Saturday, February 21, 2009

Epiphanies of the Mommy Kind

At times I feel that I am torn in two different directions. I have an inner battle at times. You see I have always seen myself as more of the career type. I worked so hard to earn my Bachelors Degree, and had plans of having my JD by 25 (at the present time I am 30)...and so on and so forth. At times I feel restless as if my youth has fleeted and has taken all aspirations to achieve my goals in the realm of career and personal aspirations. I often think that I could have so much more monetarily, I could actually shop..for clothes...I can have a mani/pedi heck even a massage more frequently than once a year. We could travel, have a nicer car, nicer clothes for the girls, a house, etc. I seriously toss the idea of working around in my head. I choke up when I even think of my darlings going to day care....but I would work if my husband's schedule the present time it does not. I sometimes miss my desk, my stapler, my morning coffee while typing away furiously at my keyboard...yes people sometimes I miss my job. There were things I wanted to do...people I wanted to help...I wanted to make a difference in the world.

Today I had an epiphany. The time came for Hazel & Jade to have their afternoon snack. I meticulously sliced their banana, cheese, placed grapes on a place intermingled with crackers. I placed it on their little tiny table. As I watched my girls reach for their snacks that I lovingly prepared, looking at me I heard little Jade exclaim, "mmmm mmmm mmm"...I thought to myself...."this is where I need to be, this is were I want to be!!!" You see while I have inner pride of my accomplishments and regret for things I haven't yet gotten to do...I wouldn't want to be anywhere else than at home with my babies...I wouldn't ever want to miss snack time. While Hazel & Jade couldn't care less about my degree, that I graduated Cum Laude, or how many honor societies I was a member of...they need me for me....they need their momma and there is plenty of time to make a difference in the world...I think I already am.

In sum, I am totally taken care of, by God...who has given me an amazing, talented, and loving husband that works 2+ jobs, going without sleep for days...all to provide for us. I am reminded of this, and the silly thoughts of things I "need" melt away and I am filled with contentment. My Joe has given me a gift in allowing me to stay home with Hazel & Jade. Has it been a sacrifice? Yes, but we are being obedient to what God wants for us now, and for that I know He will truly bless us....He always does!

5 Let your conduct be without covetousness; be content with such things as you have. For He Himself has said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.”
Hebrews 13:5 (New King James Version)

Friday, February 20, 2009


Being a Californian transplanted on the East Coast, there are a few issues that jump out in my mind as being the most difficult to adjust to....
1)Lack of Family and Friends

2)Lack of food that I love and need (i.e Mexican Food, In-n-Out, oh did I say Mexican Food!!!!)

3)And last but certainly not least is the Weather...

I am not accustomed to checking it daily and sometimes hourly. And to be perfectly honest, we do not get very much snow, inches maybe. Let me also include that in Philadelphia we are certainly not in the same situations as loved ones in New England and in the Midwest but as a California girl who lived in her rainbows and would "grab a sweater" when it got "cold" (60 degrees)...I am dying here people....I'm literally an ice cube, well not literally. Good thing I am half Mexican so I have some color but I would say I am in need of a tan. Well, the good Lord blessed us with a few days of "warm" weather...I mean it was beautiful people, a lovely 52 degrees to be exact. So the girls and I went on a LONG walk and enjoyed the warmer day.....OK so it wasn't quite grab your bikini and suntan lotion type warm but it was still glorious!!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentines Day at home....

I'm a reformed Valentine's day hater. Yes, I used to hate the day...why? Well I never really had a "Valentine" before. As of now, I have the best Valentine that would buy me gourmet dark chocolate truffles, a HUGE Vday card (because he knows I love big cards), and make me yummy food all day long (delicious asian noodles for lunch, and catfish, Asian broccoli, and polenta for dinner, yes a perk of being married to an amazing chef). Valentines day was spent at home with our lovely little girls. We watched Roman Holiday, ate chocolates, and just spent delicious time together. The girls got Hello Kitty Valentines complete with tattoos and made Valentine hearts for their Daddy. Hazel got a mani/pedi from momma we all just had a nice relaxing, cozy day.
The girls got a little stuffed animal each (yes I know, why on earth did I add to the 15,000 stuffed animals they each all ready had, well it was Vday, they were cute, and I could just see the smiles on their beautiful little faces...)

Hazel made sure that we made Valentines till our hands felt like they were going to fall off, and the next day from the moment she woke, she said, "Can we make Valentines today?" I apologize for not sending any Valentines out to all the special people in our lives. Being sick and all, I just did not get around to it. We hope you all had a beautiful day spent with people you love and you all know we love you very, very much!

Hazel would also like to send a shout out message to her cousin Elliott thanking him for the Valentine "lollipoppy" he sent her. It made her day!!!!!!! Thanks Elliott, Hazel loves you!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Whatcha been up to?

Feeling a little down, getting over a bout with bronchitis, thankful for my husband who has helped me tremendously and dragged me to the Dr. Disappointed about a few things, missing friends and loved ones (so much so that my heart feels as if it will burst and tears fall spontaneously from my eyes---dramatic much? Yeah that's me, love me or leave me)....found and amazing little nugget of truth in a devotional this morning and thought I would share. Feel renewed strength, health, and love!

Romans 12:9 -- 21 provides basic principles that can be applied to every relationship in our lives:

Be sincere

Reject what is evil

Cling to what is good

Be faithful


Be hospitable

Never return an unkind deed with an unkind deed

Be happy with those who are happy

Be sad with those who are sad

Get along

Don't be arrogant

Be a friend to someone regardless of his or her position or status

Don't take revenge, but trust God to look after you

More blogs to come! I promise to our faithful few (you know who you are too).....

When it's cold (35 degrees and below) and you want to walk around....hit up your local mall. We did, and we had alot of fun!!

Love, love love,


Sunday, February 1, 2009

Being a sister is serious business

The responsibilities of a big sis are to be taken seriously. I mean you have a little sister to look after. You must protect her, watch out for her, help her. As I glanced upon my girls tonight, watching Hazel feed her sister rice/beans, then gently place a straw in her mouth so that she can drink wash it all down...I saw that Hazel takes her job as big sis, very seriously . For example, if I were to give Hazel oh...say...a cracker, instantaneously she would say, "you need to give Jade one too mommy!". She has a innate desire to always watch out for Jade. I have learned how to be a better big sister, from my daughter Hazel. Learning from the most sincere and purest actions of a child is mind is enlightening, humbling and truly amazing. So, my baby sister snapped some photos of my girls at our Starbucks during her visit...which I feel accurately depict how deeply Hazel cares for her sister Jade...they are turning out to be total bffs (not to say they don't have about 1000 tiffs a day and that Hazel doesn't occasionally mistaken her sister's arm for a big juicy steak, usually a barbie or little person is involved)...

I have been emotionally, physically, and mentally drained for the last 9 days while Joe was in Cali and have been just barely able to stay sane so I have not been able to post. I emphasize, very seriously, the word BARELY in my last statement. Let's just say I truly respect, and give mad props, to all the single moms out there (including my momma)....holla.