Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentines Day at home....

I'm a reformed Valentine's day hater. Yes, I used to hate the day...why? Well I never really had a "Valentine" before. As of now, I have the best Valentine that would buy me gourmet dark chocolate truffles, a HUGE Vday card (because he knows I love big cards), and make me yummy food all day long (delicious asian noodles for lunch, and catfish, Asian broccoli, and polenta for dinner, yes a perk of being married to an amazing chef). Valentines day was spent at home with our lovely little girls. We watched Roman Holiday, ate chocolates, and just spent delicious time together. The girls got Hello Kitty Valentines complete with tattoos and made Valentine hearts for their Daddy. Hazel got a mani/pedi from momma we all just had a nice relaxing, cozy day.
The girls got a little stuffed animal each (yes I know, why on earth did I add to the 15,000 stuffed animals they each all ready had, well it was Vday, they were cute, and I could just see the smiles on their beautiful little faces...)

Hazel made sure that we made Valentines till our hands felt like they were going to fall off, and the next day from the moment she woke, she said, "Can we make Valentines today?" I apologize for not sending any Valentines out to all the special people in our lives. Being sick and all, I just did not get around to it. We hope you all had a beautiful day spent with people you love and you all know we love you very, very much!

Hazel would also like to send a shout out message to her cousin Elliott thanking him for the Valentine "lollipoppy" he sent her. It made her day!!!!!!! Thanks Elliott, Hazel loves you!


Auntie Ally said...

How cute (remember when Hazel used to say that). Pretty funny you've become such a sap. Glad to see you had a great valentine's day. Hazey's valentines looked so cute. Love the pic of her with the lolli pop and smiley jade with the bear. That is a might huge card, wow I want one.

Anonymous said...

How cute your valentines day seem really sweet. Sorry to hear you were sick. I hope your feeling better because I missed all the cute pics and stuff you always send! Luv Auntie Susie

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh! You make every holiday so special for your girls. They are going to remember their mommy doing things like this forever. I loooovvee the pic of Jadee and hazel is always so into it..but I did not see any V-day pics of you? :-) One thing I loved about living in Mexico is that V-day is known also as a huge Friendship day (el dia del amor y amistad) and so I love you BFF!!
Love you!

Mere said...

You guys are sooooo cute! Look at Hazel and Jade with their stuffed animals! I love you and miss you guys!