Sunday, February 1, 2009

Being a sister is serious business

The responsibilities of a big sis are to be taken seriously. I mean you have a little sister to look after. You must protect her, watch out for her, help her. As I glanced upon my girls tonight, watching Hazel feed her sister rice/beans, then gently place a straw in her mouth so that she can drink wash it all down...I saw that Hazel takes her job as big sis, very seriously . For example, if I were to give Hazel oh...say...a cracker, instantaneously she would say, "you need to give Jade one too mommy!". She has a innate desire to always watch out for Jade. I have learned how to be a better big sister, from my daughter Hazel. Learning from the most sincere and purest actions of a child is mind is enlightening, humbling and truly amazing. So, my baby sister snapped some photos of my girls at our Starbucks during her visit...which I feel accurately depict how deeply Hazel cares for her sister Jade...they are turning out to be total bffs (not to say they don't have about 1000 tiffs a day and that Hazel doesn't occasionally mistaken her sister's arm for a big juicy steak, usually a barbie or little person is involved)...

I have been emotionally, physically, and mentally drained for the last 9 days while Joe was in Cali and have been just barely able to stay sane so I have not been able to post. I emphasize, very seriously, the word BARELY in my last statement. Let's just say I truly respect, and give mad props, to all the single moms out there (including my momma)....holla.


Corynne Escalante said...

Elliott is the same way with caiden... its so sweet to watch.

by the way, i love the faces hazel makes in those pictures.

Anonymous said...

The girls are getting so big monica! I'm truly looking forward to seeing them in March.
Hazel follows your example...
you're doing a great job my friend!!

I'm glad your honey is home!
I'm glad your at Starbucks,
that place brings out all the happy feelings;)

Love you

Lil Sis said...

love you moni, thanks for posting the pics. I didn't have them on my work screen saver yet, too lazey to email or bring my camera into work.

Sara said...

that is so precious! I have been imagining what it would be like for Bailey to have a sibling..sounds great! Joe will be home soon!