Monday, October 20, 2008

Longwood Gardens

Lately, we haven't got too much free time as now I have 2 jobs, but when we do we try to make the most as usual. A Saturday or two ago, we ventured off to east Delaware county to a beautiful bit of paradise called Longwood Gardens. Monica and I have been big fans of botanical gardens and the like for quite a bit of time now, i.e. membership to LA arboretum, gardens in Italy, and santa barbara, and san diego. I found out that they were having a giant pumpkin festival at Longwood. I had seen the gardens online and been wanting to go so we decided to jus do it. Well, it takes us a bit to leave the house so we didnt leave until way late. We soon arrived at the gardens( about a half hour from the house.). The grounds are quite large and so beautiful. So many things to see and do... it really put the LA arboretum to shame. It kind of reminded me of Balboa park a little. At the beginning, there was a cool thing called a water eye.
We walked over and saw this awesome little chime tower by this lake. It was like something out of an Italian fairytale. Really cool! (in the winter, I guess they have ice skating on the lake!). Right next to the tower, is a cool waterfall.

Then we sauntered over to this really neat train setup for kids.
Hazel was chasing the trains around the whole time. Right next to here, they had setup an area for kids to play with pumpkins, literally they could roll, carry, sit, even smash pumpkins!

Also right here, there was a garden of vegetables we played in for awhile.....

In the center of the grounds was the best of all. It looks like a French palacial gardens with fountains(they have fountain shows a couple times a day.

At the top of this area, they had the pumpkin weigh-in. So many huge pumpkins, some weighing more than 1000 lbs. !

Crazy! After this, we came to the Conservatory, which I wanted to check out because they had a really cool lilypad garden. I love those huge lily pads....

The big thing out here is tree houses,

and Longwood has 3 designer ones, which we checked out. Then we walked through this cute meadow which led to another nifty little pond with huge catfish.

One of the last things we saw which topped off the day was a beautifully exquisite Italian water garden.

It was situated right below another picturesque lake. The last treehouse was also here.

We actually hung out at the Gardens a little after closing time to do some hill rolling
and finally left. We will definitely be back , if not for a membership! Definite must see in the PA!

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Corynne Escalante said...

that place looks incredible.
i was wondering what all of this nature obsession was about, but now that you mention it, i do remember you always being pretty intense about nature. i specifically remember you passionately telling me about a waterfall somewhere. you were very intent that i needed to go see it...