Monday, October 27, 2008

Bubble Bath For Two!

It hadn't occurred to me to bath the girls all at once. Jade was just too little and I hated to toss her into the tumultuous waters of Hazel's bath plus I knew how Haze loved to swim in the bath and I didn't want Jade to infringe upon her aquatic endeavours. However when I saw the image above I knew that Jade really wanting to jump in there with her sis! But did Hazel want her lil' sis to bath with her? Well, yes she did...she said, "Baby go right here!" as she slapped the water near her side. I was apprehensive, because I wasn't sure I could hold unto Jade & my camera...I was very cautious and caught some really precious pics of my two little lovelies bathing together. They giggled, they hugged, Jade got a bubble sandwich, and they just had the best time ever!

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Erin said...

That's like the funnest stuff you can have memories of right there. They are too cute! Oh and the blg before that made me want a huge hot dog for some reason!