Monday, October 13, 2008

Lancaster County

I'm not sure if its their simplicity that intrigues me but the Amish people are fascinating to me. They seem so content, hardworking, with strong familial bonds. At the Reading Terminal in Philadelphia they sell their produce, ice cream, and ever so delicious Pretzels...and you see the mothers, fathers, and children working in unison. I'm sure they have their problems but it just seems vastly different from the materialism, laziness, and selfishness that plague society. I dream of being Amish living in peace, and quilting, knitting, and eating delicious dough concoctions, when Joe says, "Hey Monica no cable if you're Amish" which I retort..."yeah, I think I'm good" snap back into reality and try to shirk the reality of life with cable.

When my most precious, beloved Mommies was here she wanted nothing more than to go to "Amish country" and as time went on we were never able to fulfill that wish (Sorry Momma) but I hope that the pictures of our adventures will help suffice (Also to lure you back to Philly).

We visited Lancaster County, Pa last weekend. It is 1 1/2 hour drive from our home. We drove through some beautiful countryside, visited a farm where we ate fresh corn on the Cob, baked potatoes, awesome kettle corn, and did a corn maze, and just had a really amazing time...
We hope you all enjoy the pics....
Eating corn with the fam..

Having some fun on the Farm:

Now initially my approach to the corn maze was one of apathy. I thought to myself, "come on there has to be a somewhat obvious way to get out of here!" At first, we thought that we would only go right....and would somehow find the exit...after about 45 minutes of going nowhere we arrived at the conclusion that some effort was necessary. We noticed there where hidden mailboxes with clues that you tape unto a map that will give you direction. There where serious die-hard corn maze enthusiast in our midst and we weren't gonna go there...but we did put our corn investigative thinking caps on and really tried to figure this thing out. With sheer glee we collected the little pieces from the hidden mailboxes and made our way closer, and closer to freedom!! After about 1 hour & 18 minutes we finished the maze!!! It was a very interesting experience and a great lesson in teamwork!!!



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