Monday, November 8, 2010

The Pumpkin Patch: Montgomery style.

We wanted to get the girls pumpkins but had not made it over to one of the various local farms offering the "pumpkin patch experience" with wagon rides due to Joe's busy schedule.  I had driven by a few farms during the weekends and was astonished by the hundreds of people there and vowed to not be one of the masses fighting for the perfect pumpkin. In my mind: It was just not worth it...eeewww I hate crowds.  Last year we had found a small farm near our home and decided to check it out one Monday evening.  We noticed it had closed and began to pull out of the driveway when we saw the farmer walking towards our car. He offered to open up the pumpkin shed for us! This farmer is so cool. He is like an original cowboy and just loves to chat about the farm and life. We hung out with him for about a half  hour or so as the girls played around the pumpkins, and heard the stories of the weekends with the bratty kids that made their way through the farm, he complained of how the John Deere parts for his farm equipment where made in China, and how that really angered him. I told him how I dream of having chickens and a family cow someday, and he thought I was insane. He spoke of how deer have totally overrun the farm, and how expensive his medical insurance was as he paid out of pocket. We had a great time just shooting the breeze!  He is just a really cool guy! So we had our own little pumpkin patch experience, alone, chatting with the farmer.  It wasn't with the masses, posing for photos of kids on was simple, chill, and so us.
Oh, and we did manage to go back to the same farm for an evening hay ride the Friday before Halloween. No photos. It was so fun, with the wide open sky lit with bright stars. We rode with a troop of girl scouts in the back of a tractor, amidst hay and it was just amazing. Chilly and brisk on an amazing autumn evening riding through the pumpkin patch and farm, through the woods with carved pumpkins lit along the way. The girls just had so much fun. Wonderful moments, really! Not to be cheesy, but it was beautiful!

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That is not cheesy at all:)