Sunday, November 7, 2010


I have about a thousand blogs to write. What can I say? I took the month off. With work, the girls, growing a baby boy, and life...I've been a bit swamped. Well, we have actually been bombarded with leaves as well!!!!!!!!!!!!  I think there are about a million leaves that have fallen from the huge trees outside the house. We spent some time raking some up, and playing in them. It was very, very fun!!!!!!!!!!
For those interested: There will be more blogs to come (including California photos).


Joanne Cox said...

mon ♥
i love these photos, especially the one of joe.
looks like you made cleaning a fun family event. you guys are so cool like that!
great family and friends:)

Alyssum... said...

I can't wait to come visit you some day!!!!