Friday, June 26, 2009

Chips & Roses

We recently visited the Herr's Factory, taking a tour...tasting FRESHLY made chips (they were still warm)....and spending quality family time together. We toured the factory seeing how they manufacture the chips, package them, etc. It was quite interesting. Joe & I have been wanting to take the tour for some time. He has suggested I "check it out" hundreds of time, but I was just not that motivated to make the hour drive solo. So, when Joe had a day off we decided to make the drive and take the snack tour challenge. For the West Coast crowd: Herr's is a company base in Pa that makes chips & wonderful snacks :)

We then drove, and drove....saw some cows.

And visited the Brandywine Creek State Park in Wilmington Delaware. Our intention was to attend the Family night at the Brandywine Zoo. We discovered that the Family night had been cancelled due to possible bad weather. We still had tons of fun walking around the park, and Hazel Rei got the chance to smell pretty flowers and I think she was very happy! Once she stopped crying because she couldn't see the tigers...

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Auntie Ally said...

You guys have the greatest adventures. I've gotta get around, start exploring.