Sunday, July 20, 2008

Jeffrey--The newest Montgomery

Joe has been on the hunt for a garden gnome. He spoke of his dream of taking the little guy on all our little trips....our own little travelling gnome. Always searching for a bargain, Joe ardently searched and searched...passing on a few that were not quite cool enough and even more importantly not quite cheap enough....till one day while casually strolling down the bargain aisle in the Target garden section...we saw him....our little Jeffrey. Joe absolutely could not pass him by, after all he had a cute little picnic basket and he was of course $5.....SOLD!!!

So meet Jeffrey, when he's not kickin' it in our garden he's joining us on all our little (and hopefully big someday) trips....he's the newest Montgomery!!! He rocks & Joe is already having Hazel call him her "brother!"


Anonymous said...

Ummm does this mean y'all aren't going to provide me with a nephew???

<3 Mary

Anonymous said...

He is not my grandson! He is cute in a sort of weird way. How is your garden doing? Mom

Rebecca said...

Expedia? NICE...takin him EVERYWHERE!! How cool is THAT!!

Jeffrey?? Huh? But he's a nome....can't spell that ha!!!


But Joes wierd!! :-)

But love you...sweet girly!

dreamyrockstar said...

now that he is a member of the family you have to take him everywhere with you... I cant wait to see pics of him and hazel on your next adventure.... i wonder where it will be....