Wednesday, July 2, 2008

4th of July shenanigans

The 4th of July has never been my favorite Holiday by an means. I don't hate it, it just has never really ranked up their with Easter for example (I love spring) and Halloween (I love candy corn and seeing little one dressed up in their costumes--no monster stuff) so I've always seen the 4th of July as just whatever. I was traumatized once when I saw a little boy burned by the sparks from a firework going off. It was nothing big but I did see the spark burn a hole through his t-shirt and slightly burn his tummy....from that point I was comfortable to peek my head through the curtains and look at the fireworks from a safe distance.

Well, Philadelphia is really into the 4th of July, for obvious reasons, (The Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and the Liberty Bell to name a few) so it is kind of ironic that I would be in the midst of such celebrations since I'm kind of apathetic about 4th of July. So Joe mentioned the events that were going on during the week and we decided to go to one on Saturday.

So we attended an event called "Go 4th and Learn" sponsored by the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia, it was held at the Worlds Cafe near University City. There were instruments for the kids to play with, a woman painted up like a cat with a cow puppet (kinda odd but the kids sure dug it) and they had this giant patriotic character for the kids to meet (Not sure what he was exactly). They played Jazz music and the kids danced! It was really fun.... (I'm not sure how we recorded it sideways and I'm not sure how to flip sorry if you get a sore neck)

Here are some pics of Hazel at the event...

NO, this is not a pic of someones behind...just trying to catch Hazel getting down.

Gotta love my husband Joe, he always finds the coolest things to do and this event was Free. The kids even got a bag with a book and some other literacy resources (Hazel got a Harry Potter book)

After this we stopped by this really cool Thai restaurant nearby our house. We have really been missing Thai food so Joe was excited to find a place on (check it out it is awesome) that sounded good. Thai iced tea is a favorite of we were so happy to enjoy them...the waitress even did this cool thing with our straw wrappers.

Thai food is definitely a favorite of ours. We are so happy to have found a great place to eat at One of my favorite things was called a "golden triangle" it is fried tofu good.

So we cannot ever stay home. We are always on the go when Joe is home. When we dated it was the same way. We would only have 1 day to spend together so we would hang out all day and make the most of our day. I really think it is because Joe has had such crazy hours in the past so on his days of we made up for the rest of the week when we would barely see him. For some reason Joe is working mornings these days (I'm not getting used to it because I do not know how long it will last) and we have had more time to check out cool stuff. So that evening, instead of hanging out at home we decided to attend another event for the 4th of July that was being held at the Art Museum in the city. Ok, so you know that famous scene in Rocky when he is running up the steps while training, well they were playing Rocky right on those very steps. It was really super cool, I'm glad we made it out there. We bought popcorn, drinks, candy...and enjoyed the movie. It was really fun...we'll have to tell you later about the crack head crab fest that was going on right next to us on the steps (Gotta love Philly! NO seriously there where two crack heads eating crabs on newspaper with a tall boy in a paper bag--classic!)

This was our view from the steps as we watch the movie, it was so cool!

Our 2 lb bag of popcorn.

Watching Rocky for the 1st time---it was pretty good.

Hazel stealing a drink of my green tea.

Jade Anise saying Hola.

The experience was really fun. When Rocky was running up the steps in the movie everyone started cheering and Hazel got really excited. It was so cute to hear her say "Go Wocky!"

The night ended with us getting caught in the rain on our way back to the car....we were running down the street, laughing...I love my family we always have such a blast.

So the verdict is still out if the 4th is off the hook, we'll keep ya posted.....


Rebecca said...

Oh my gosh. Monica your HILLARIOUS. No wonder Joe married you. Go wokkie. Ha ha!!! Hillarious!!!

Well my fear is of people in costumes. So what if your afraid of fireworks. Mine is of scary people who steal little children dressed up in costumes. YIKES!!! Sorry...little odd. Joe would know. Ha ha!! Glad you guys are getting more familiar with Phili.

Your spy looking video of Hazel is interesting...It reminds me of someone who would take there camera and film something to "look" discreet. Interesting. Sorry I think wierd sometimes. Regardless, praying for you guys. Safety. And Gods wisdom!!

Rebecca said...

Hey by the way if I freaked you out. I'm sorry. I've actually never met you in person. And honestly I havn't seen Joe or you or Matt or Joanne since thier wedding I think. So really I'm doubting everyone right now. You know how the internet could be so can't think of the right word? Someone COULD fool someone? Sorry...going through ALOT. If you think of me. Pray for me and "clarity". Wierd stuffs been going on in my life. So hence you get my wierd thoughts and comments. Sorry.

Just be safe. Praying for you guys!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so jealous of your 4th of July!!! I love the 4th of July and to get to spend it where our fore fathers have been...sorry I'm a big nerd:)
I love Hazel's dance moves!

Anonymous said...

Oh by the way the last anonymous comment was me...Mary!