Tuesday, July 8, 2008

July 4th weekend conclusion part. 1

Hello there, sorry, a little late in filling in the details but what can ya do? The 4th was the beginning of a great but long weekend. I got off work and called up my lovelies. There was a very special event happening down at Penn's landing which I simply had to go to. Moni rounded up the posse and met me down on 2nd street. We got some delicious pizza in Old town and walked over to Penn's. There it was in all its glory.... Super scooper Festival!! Anyone that knows anything about me, knows about my passionate love for all things frozen, ie ice cream, gelato, frozen yogurt, custard... This was $5 for all you can eat ice cream from a dozen or so ice cream vendors, for a worthy charity. HELLO!!!! For the next half hour or so, we braved our way through a sea of sweaty Phillites to taste and taste and taste.

It was, an understatement, Awesome?!! Even lil Jade snuck in some on the action. Btw, Hazel's popular catch phrase is, "I like ice cweam!"

After this, we took a little respite by the mighty Delaware.
We talked of our favorite treats we had tried, and then headed off to see the parade going on the Ben Franklin Parkway. Yeah, the hike from Penn's landing to the Parkway is like 20 blocks. ( My feet took off my shoes and bludgeoned me later that night in my sleep!) Philadelphia is a big city but it was cool because we were able to stand quite close to the parade.

Later, we sampled some great bbq and fried mac-n-cheese on the Parkway. Suddenly, it started to rain! Rain? We need an umbrella? OOPs! Well, at least we were able to find some shelter under the trees along the Parkway.

The celebration continued at the steps of the Art museum. There were like a couple of bands and then the headliner - John Legend. I know what you are thinking... You got to see John Legend for free and didnt tell me? Look I'm sorry but hey, thats what ya get when you are living large in Philly! Hey, shouts out to West Philly! That guy didnt stop singin until like 10:30. All this time it is raining, Monica gets inventive with the stroller top to shield Jade aka DJ from the rain. Finally, we got to see probably the most impressive fireworks display I have ever seen.

Soaking wet outside, warm inside, tired smiles, aching feet, we limped home, riding the subway back.

And that was jus the 4th....

to be continued.....


Corynne Escalante said...

hhmm... well'p. sad to say, but i guess i don't know anything about you. had no idea of your love for "all things frozen."

glad you guys are having fun in PA.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a great fourth!!!
Wish we were with you.
I want ice cream now:)

Rebecca said...

haha...Joe. Your funny. Cuteness all the ice cream madness.

Who the hell is John Legend??

Ha ha...sorry...JOE??

Nina49a said...

Hey There! I had a Delicious Thai Iced Tea last night for the first time...and I thought of you Monica.