Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Summer in Abbadon

As is alot of our life, we are about food... in all aspects. Pennsylvania, as I am finding out, is an interesting place for that. They have a great network of local food. So on Sunday, Headhouse Market is held down on 2nd and Lombard street. Supposedly it is one of the oldest markets in the country. This was probably the best farmers market we have been to. It isnt extremely large like the one in the Italian market district, yet it feels more earnest. From the large heirloom tomatoes basking in the summer sun to the scruffy young farmer with the wide brimmed sun hat begging you to buy his wares, it was a really great experience. We picked up some carrots for little Jaders, got some tomatoes, delicious, also grabbed a variety of summer squash, and even a nifty lemon cucumber.

Afterwards, there was a nearby fountain that Hazel simply had to run around in and get refreshed.
Then we walked down South street, which is a pretty neat walk. It reminded me a little of Los Angeles, like Hollywood or maybe even Venice.
There were all kinds of cool little shops and restaurants, real funky. Of course, we had to hit up Rita's, seriously the best place on earth. Oh yeah forgot to mention, super hot and humid, so we were only walkin around for like a half hour, and then.... Later!! It was a good, but sweaty day!

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