Sunday, July 27, 2008

S A Tee U ARE Dee A WHy

We usually are always on the go, but this weekend decided to stay a little more local. We got up and headed out to check out a little place I've had my eye on for breakfast, a little place called the Hungry A. I have no idea what it stands for, but man, it was awesome. Maybe thats it, the Hungry Awesomeness... From the outside its a little depressing but once you walk in, its on. Bruce and Micky are the co-owners and are the greatest. Totally treat ya like family, even held Jade so Monica could eat her b meal.

I had a great toasted bagel sandwich, Monica had the Big muff, and Hazel had a slice of heavenly homey French toast. The coffee was good, and even the frozen sticky bun they pulled out just for us, was beyond.... Im dreaming of this place even now!!!

After this, we wanted to see if we could go down to the city and maybe catch a free baseball game like in Cali,

but it was a no go cuz they are freaks about the Phillies here. TOtally sold out, but it was cool. We rode the sub down to south Philly and then came back up to Center city. We walked over to Reading Terminal, picked up some organics for Jade, got some cupcakes from our favorite place, the Flying Monkey. We took them over to this cute little tea shop called Tbar. Really cool, got a MoTeato, green lemongrass tea, mint and lime. SUper refreshing cuz it was humid up a bit. After this little spot, we headed over to Rittenhouse square. By this time it was really beautiful out and Hazel got to run around and try to play with the pigeons.

We also visited Hazel's favorite friend and animal. It's this fantastic lion scuplture from Paris in the middle of the park.
She stands by it and roars. It's awesome.

Then we decided to head home, but not before picking up Pig Daddy's bbq. It was a letdown cuz man, i love my potato salad and nobody does it right. Oh well, we enjoyed coming home and chillin out after our sub adventures.. It is so awesome to spend time with your family no matter what ya do or where you go. I am truly blessed. Thank you , God!

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Anonymous said...

you are blessed:)
thanks for sharing!

love you friend.