Friday, July 18, 2008

Singing Hazey I

Hazel loves to sing!!! Often when we are driving in the car, she will be in her car seat singing away. She just makes up her own songs and belts it out. She especially loves to sing to her dolls!!! Hazel received these cute little dolls that represent countries all over the world. They are collector type dolls, anyhow I have fought her for a year to not open them. She loves these dolls and would carry around the box. I felt so bad today because she said, "momica....babies...please!!" So I let her open one of the boxes and she was so happy...ecstatic to be exact that she began to lovingly sing to these three from Spain, one from Holland, and one for Ireland.. Luckily I had my brand new phone handy and caught this video...turn up the volume because the sound isn't that great...the image kinda stinks too.....sorry....Please check out the video above.
**OH, and you might think my kids don't wear clothes because they are always just in their diapers....they do...just the humidity is really bad the less clothes the better.

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Sara said...

so precious! and Bailey too is often just chillin in a diaper-hot days!