Sunday, July 13, 2008

Diaper Dolls!!!

Hazel & Jade had their well-baby visits this week. They are each 2 months late for their immunizations so I had been a little worried. I had struggles with the decision to immunize on the normal schedule versus an alternative schedule. I had read so many conflicting articles on the matter. On one side there are people saying they can lead to autism and on the other saying that the idea they lead to autism is preposterous and to not immunize could lead to illness (and possibly death) that could be avoided. So I decided just to immunize them on the traditional schedule and as they were both given the necessary shots I just prayed that God would protect them. Hazel doesn't receive as many shots as Jade because of her age. Jade was given like 6 shots and she was so whiny and feverish the entire day...I felt so bad. All of these decisions are so tough for parents because it doesn't seem like there is a definitive answer about what is right or not good, just allot of theories. It was so stressful with two babies, I had to undress them, keep Hazel from opening every cabinet, she was cold, Jade was cold (as they were just in their diapers)....Well they are both healthy, Hazel weighing in at 24 lbs and Jade at 13lbs. Photobucket

Love you all!!!


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what a cut picture:)