Sunday, July 13, 2008

Fourth of July part deux(2nd try)

Its been a bit and why is the font so big now? anyhow, me wif, yes that is a pet name for Moni, pronounced whiff, was tryin to do this one but somehow ended up bigger and slower than Titantic one and so we had to sink her.(the blog not my wif) So, on Saturday, we decided we would make the trip up to see my Mom's property up in upstate New york. Supposedly, it was only like 4 hours or so from our house and 3 and a half from Mom's. Okay so google map says 5 and a half, so its a little longer, no big whoop..... Yeah we left at 9 thinking like 5 hours is like puts us there at like 2 or so... We got there at like 5 : 30!!! Thanks Mom!! hahaha, j/k...

But the journey there we had lots of fun and adventures...Starting off with delicious aloe vera juice, We got to see nice scenery in Pennsylvania and got a free hot dog and some snacks from a cool Baptist church doing an outreach of sorts at a random rest stop... We decided to get some cool fireworks to set off up in New York, so the biggest fireworks store in Pennsters helped us prepare for the show of the century. 3 McDonalds and 2 local gas station attendants later, we ended up in the Promised land aka Mom and Poppa bill's place.

It is really a gorgeous place. They have like 50 acres with woods and trails and fields. It even sits next to a beautiful little stream. Mom couldn't believe how long it took. But anyway, they have one cabin at the beginning of the property and another a little further in only accessible by quads or snowmobiles depending on the season.

It was a great retreat for us. There was a tent set up out there with a campfire and an inflatable queen mattress.
We all had a fun little meal of chicken drumsticks and beans. Peter, Ross, and the Montgomery crew sauntered on over to Base camp Bravo and proceeded to set off a glorious display of American pride. I do believe George Washington wept for joy, or maybe that was Jade...

Peter was originally designated as the Fire Marshall, but was quickly overthrown once the 25 salute firework fell over firing off the last 10 rounds in the panic-stricken crowds direction. Ross and Peter finished off the rest off the fireworks.

We sat around the campfire and as Monica put it,"got our Marshy on!". Looking up at the beautiful galaxy that God created for us, was the best display of all this 4th and the true One who gives us real independence showed us even in the little details His neverending love.

The next morning was blazing hot in the tent. Major sweatfest, but rolled back to Alpha camp, had some delicious pancakes and bacon. We spent the rest of the day riding quads, Monica showin off her skills as Momma carrier, and exploring the stream
. Hazel also got to visit a neighbor's farm and see the moo cows!!

With a fond farewell to the matriarch, we hopped back into the Korean sports car and sped back to Philly, only to hit construction traffic that went from 2 lanes to one for like 10 miles. This lasted for 2 hours, so once again the trip to like 9 hours. It was one 4th for the record books for sure,

Love ya all,



Rebecca said...


Your moms place is awesome!!! How fun!! I wanna go!! :-) Just kidding. Man and Joe are having sounds like the time of your lives. I'm sure you miss Matt and Joanne and stuff. But how fun. God has new adventures with family and stuff.

Cool!!! I bet pretty soon here we shall see you and Joe pastoring a church or something cool? Who knows???

WHO KNOWS??? eh???

Rebecca said...

Ha Ha..OH my gosh. I was just clicking on your pictures to see them up close. I click on a kinda blurry one of Hazel. She's standing by a campfire with a humongous jacket of someones on. And it's seriously hillarious how HUGA MONGOUS it is. Way blurry.

haha..Do my pics get gigantisized too??

Rebecca said...

MEMORIES coming back..OH my gosh. Fireworks monica...Reminds me.

Ask Joe. If he remembers "zurps". Aaron Calles told us about them. Ask him to show you and the girls.


All you need is a plastic grocery bag!! And matches.

Ask Joe he'll tell ya!!


Anonymous said...

what an adventure:)
next time invite us. i'm just not sure about the drive.
you guys have driven so much within the last few months but i guess the rest of the time your taking the subway.
how exciting!!!
thanks for sharing: ) i look forward to reading your blog.