Friday, September 5, 2008

One cool little Columbiana!!

My very old, very best, very lovely friend Nadia was here from the 18th of August to the 28th. It was so nice to have a dear friend here with me. I really appreciate Nadia for making the trek from Cali to Philly and for just being here to encourage and hang out with me. Nadia and I have been through allot during our 15 year relationship. I became close with her when we were Jr's in High School and were both taking Algebra I with an all Freshman class. We bonded and became best friends. We continued to bond during college, studying at Starbucks on the weekends, serving in ministry together, and just hanging out...we also LOVED to shop together. We have jokes that only we get, we can look at something then at each other and crack up, she tells me when I'm being retarded, she's honest and I love that. We backpacked through Western Europe, graduated college, she was in my wedding, she is just a good friend to me. She's more like a sister than anything else. God has done so much in the recent months to really strengthen our relationship and there is not a day that goes by when I'm not texting or calling the girl...and vice versa. I was really happy to have my best buddy here in Philly. We intended to do more than we where able to (It's kind hard to get around with an infant & 2 yr old) but managed to do quite a bit. We hung out at home, worked out, went running at the track & my fav jogging spot--Ridley Creek St park. We ventured into Philly and checked out the Liberty Bell, Reading Terminal, etc. Nadia even got the chance to visit her Aunt in NYC. We were very happy to eat at Mitxo and got our Colombian food was very YUMMY!!! We hung out at Rittenhouse square and "people watched" and ate yummy gelato. My importantly Nadia and my mom where here when I was baptized, which meant the world to me. Many people have said that they would try to visit, and I know that everybody is busy and what not, but when Nadia said she would come to Philly...I was certain that she would...and she DID!!! Nadia, thanks for coming to visit us, for encouraging me to run 2 miles and especially to push it through that last lap, for praying for me and pointing me towards the Lord, and just for being a great friend...I love you dearly!!!!!!

Philly Subways are AWESOME!

Yup that's Philly behind us.

Philly Baby!

Mixto was delish. I LOVE empenadas!!! Viva Columbia & the to die for buttered bread they gave us!

Rittenhouse Square. Wow that lady was TAN and that guy with the guitar was REALLY rocking out!!!

Running at Ridley Creek!!!

At Ridley Creek with Momma & Haze.

Just thought I'd put a really OLD pic so you can really get how the term "OLD" friend certainly applies here (around 1994).

Thanks are a blessing.

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