Sunday, September 14, 2008

My birthday part. 1

Okay, so this post is a little late, but hey I'm kind of a busy guy.... You love me! Anyhow, my birthday was on a Monday, so my wife and mom got together and planned a sweet birthday weekend for me. It was really cool. We (the montgomerys, abuelita, my mom, and my two bros) went to the Hungry A for breakfast. I love that place. Then we went to 69th street terminal and caught a sub downtown to Chinatown. We walked a couple blocks to catch a cheap bus to the Big Apple. Yeah..... total random nutso... There were no assigned seats so Monica and Peter jumped on first, but not before the people getting off the bus pushed my wife over. Luckily, she wasn't hurt. We got on and that ride was adventure enough. Halfway through the drive up, the driver stops at a random gas station to get an iced tea. And he didnt' even offer any to us!!! When we get up to the city, at like the 3rd stoplight, he gets up and walks back to use the restroom on the bus!!! The light turns green and we are all jus sitting there looking at each other like uhhhh...hhahahhaa. Finally, we get going and then the bus stops again, and he yells out something in Chinese. Is this our stop? We stay on and get off at the next and hopefully the last stop... Only to find out our stroller has been sitting in fish juice in the undercarriage of the bus. ;)

But hey, we are in NYC and we are glad to be out in the sunshine... It was a really beautiful day to be 32, yeah quiet down.... We walked down to the water, and walked along the walkway underneath the Brooklyn Bridge.

They have a great art project going on in NYC right now. It's a waterfall project. They have these cool manmade waterfalls, kinda hidden all over the city. Pretty sick idea! Well as usual with our lil family and much to the chagrin of others, we walked quite a bit, found Les Halles, Anthony Bourdains' restaurant, rode the NY subway
and ended up in Manhattan. Mom took us out to eat at this awesome seafood restaurant called the Bluewater Grille. We got these two incredible seafood towers
and I got this south african fish dish super delicoso!

We all were so stuffed and had so much fun.
Hazel was blowing out the candles and hangin out with her boy Peter, Jade was grabbin everything in sight. After this we were all pretty wiped out, so Bill had met us there and we all rode in the Yukon to a hotel in NJ, courtesy Marriott, Intl. It was a great first day.... tbc....

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happy birthday joe!