Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Community Night at the Franklin Institute!!!!!

As we are majorly cheap bargain seekers...we found out that the Franklin Institute in Philly was having a community night last week. We had stopped by the science museum last month to take a peek and find out prices...and I (Monie) had the foresight to ask, "Do you have any free days", to which the lady replied, "Why Yes!!!!". Once a month they allow you to visit the museum for free from 5:00 pm to closing. It was awesome because we really wanted to see the "Real Pirates" exhibit, which was quite pricey!!!

So we showed up and had to wait in line to get tickets. Let me tell you, when things are free, yeah let's just say interesting people come a calling. Anyhow, we were able to get tickets to an Imax movie on the Swiss Alps (very good), and tickets to the Real Pirates exhibit (yipee)...all for $0. The pirate exhibit was especially awesome because it was the items from an actually sunken pirate ship...oh my goodness it so interesting to learn about it and see the real "pirates booty"...yeah totally awesome!!!!!!!!!!

We watched the movie, saw the exhibit, and played was a completely awesome night...even more so because it didn't cost us a cent...gotta love it. Walking to the subway at like 9:00 pm was nice. The city was beautifully lit, not a hobo in sight, and it there was a lovely was a great night!


Anonymous said...

looks like you guys had a great time:) how fun!!
jade is getting so big! she's as lovely as you. f

Sara said...

Wow! That looks so cool! how fun! Hope you guys are well!