Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tyler Arboretum

"In wilderness is the preservation of the world"
Henry David Thoreau

Tyler Arboretum is truly an amazing place! We visited it while Abuelita was here and had a beautiful time. We were able to see a few tree houses that they had on exhibit. As well as many other really cool things. The thing that struck me most about this place is how it is specifically engineered for kids but still really fun for adults. There are all sorts of hands on activities that kids can experience, get out some energy, be outdoors and just have an amazing time!

There was of course the main path but there were all these little side-paths that you could take. Once you decided to take that little path you would be lead somewhere new, exciting, there would for example be a little bench to sit on amidst glorious trees...or you would find a little hobbit house! Once Hazel saw the little house she was in utter bliss! She could have spent the entire day there...she would peak in the window and loved the tiny hobbit houses adjacent to the main house.

We decided to take a side path and came upon dozens of hammocks hanging from the trees...all this just to reiterate how amazing this place was. I am an adult and was so delighted to find new things here so I can only imaging how great it must be to be a kid at the Tyler arboretum. My favorites had to be the tree houses of course, the hobbit house, and the replica of Thoreau's cabin. We walked around the entire place, it was a beautiful day...not too hot. Jade & Hazel loved being outside, we loved spending time with Abuelita and just had a very lovely day!!! There were still a few tree houses we didn't get to see and some trails I would love to we will for sure be back...this time with Daddy!

The Hammock Refuge

The Bamboo Igloo

The Pond

The Thoreau Cabin

Tree House

Another Tree House

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