Thursday, August 28, 2008

My sweet Friend!!

August was a wonderful month. I had my own sweet momma here with me and it was a an absolute joy. It was nice to have her here, it felt like I had a little bit of home here in Philadelphia and I loved it. However I sincerely feel that Hazel enjoyed it the most. My mom and Hazel have a very special relationship. My mom gives all of her attention to her by reading to her, talking with her, and just by basically being an awesome Grandma. Hazel would stay up late with my mom and they would read tons of books, and she even helped my mom pack on her last day here by putting a few of her toys in her suitcase. When we dropped Abuelita off at the airport I was surprised at how hard Hazel took it....she was crying and pointed as Abuelita left, and kept say, "Abuelita...stay here....Abuelita stay here!" I mean we were probably half way home when she finally stopped but still looked kinda sad. Suffice to say, it was a very emotional day and I have felt a huge gap in my life the past two weeks....I keep waking up in the morning and for a second I think, "I wonder if my mom is up" then I remember that she's in California. But like she says, she's only a phone call away...and we talk several times a day!!

My mom has always been a huge part of my life. She is my mother and father rolled up into one little firecracker of a woman...hardworking, sweet, selfless, and awesome!! She has always pointed me towards God, always given 100% of herself to us and that has truly taught be what it is to be a good mom. It's no huge secret that being here has been a struggle for me. My mom has seen 1st hand how I am struggling and was not afraid to tell me how I needed to turn away from my own selfishness and keep my eyes on God. My mom is a beautiful person and we have come very far in our relationship and I can with all honesty say that she is one of my most treasured friends as well as my Momma. Thank you Abuelita for the time you spent here with us...thank you for helping me see the positive in our little old house, neighborhood, and surroundings! Thank you for folding our clothes the second they were done in the dryer (seriously the woman is an artist when it come so folding clothes and removing staines), for always having oatmeal ready for Hazel when she woke, for making me my egg sandwiches in the morning, and just for being here....we miss you dearly and wish you were here....Thanks momma...thanks Abuelita...thanks friend!!!

Saying Goodbye was sooooo hard!!!!!

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Corynne Escalante said...

i love jade's little house on the prairie-ish hat...