Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Who loves ya!!!??

Well, my sister, Ken. Okay, so I don't really have a sister named Ken, but that's what I called Corynne when we were younger. This annoyed her to no end. All throught that, losing teeth, me playing mean tricks on her, Putting her through army bootcamp, rappelling off cliffs, even car accidents, and ya know what... she still likes me a little!! ;) Corynne is really awesome, for those of you that haven't met her. It's really your loss, and you will know what I mean once you have had the honor. She is sweet, funny(in a dorky way, that only our family knows), honest, and I could go on and on. The point of this meandering spiel, is she sent us the coolest little box of joy the other day. It had a little something for everyone in the box. Lookie, lookie,

I felt like at summer camp getting a package at mail call, cmon you know what I'm talking about. You all wish you got something so you could get called up and know also that you didn't jus get dumped off at camp.

Thanks, Ken, I love you, always,



Corynne Escalante said...

aaww... wow, those were really sweet things you said. thanks, i needed a little family love. i'm really glad you guys enjoyed getting a package. love ya!

Anonymous said...

your picnic looks so good. I wish I was there to eat it all up. Abuelita looks like she is having a really good time. Luv Auntie Susie