Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Arrival of Abuelita!!!

One of the dearest and closest people to us that we miss dearly from California is with us now. Alicia, Moni's mom, aka Abuelita (yeah, Spanish for Grandma) is who we speak of. She arrived about a week ago. Hence, the hiatus... We were all stoked to see her... We picked her up on the 1st, and had a little suprise setup for her. She is very special, so we made her a birthday/wedding cake, a yummy raspberry-cream cheese filling buttercream cake.

All from scratch... It WAS a suprise when Hazel couldn't wait any longer and carried it out of the fridge all by herself to give to Abuelita. Thanks, Haze!! Plus Hazel has a new reading buddy!! 20 books, Abuelita!! Jade especially enjoys having Abuelita around... She gets the personal spa treatment..

We love you Abuelita!! Don't go home!!! Stay here!!!


the monty's

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