Thursday, August 7, 2008

Hoagies and Nature

A couple of weeks ago, after church, we picked up one of Philly's delicacies (a Hoagie) some lovely delicious accouterments (pasta salad & chips) and headed to Ridley Creek State Park. I just had to post some picks of this place. It is probably one of the most lovely lunch spots we've visited. It is also my new jogging spot and we are amazed at just how beautiful it really is.

I had heard on the news that there was going to be a storm and by the photo above you can see just how sunny and beautiful, and how illogical that might seem. I mentioned the coming storm to Joe as being listed as "mild to severe" to which he responded, "severe?". Well almost at the drop of a dime the weather drastically changed, it became grey and then the torrential downpour began. I was raining so hard that the areas we have previously driven through where virtually unrecognizable. I was very scared. I guess all that green, lush foliage comes at a cost...huh. We are still learning to carry an umbrella at all times!!!


Anonymous said...

I really loved your pics, they were awesome. That park is so beautiful and green. I like the pic of Monica with the greens and the one with Joe and Hazel sitting by the water. You should print those and frame them, they are really nice pics thanks for sharing them with us... Luv Auntie Susie

Anonymous said...

The pics are beautiful but the only thing I could think while looking at them is I didn't know my brother owned a pair of jeans :)
Love Mary