Sunday, June 29, 2008

Suprise after work....

My wife is a very special individual. Thus, the reason God brought the two of us together, however, I do believe I got the better deal... Anyhow, after I got off work this Friday, I had a text from my beloved that said Im here in the city. This is unusual because it takes alot of work to get two kids ready, board the subway with both and a stroller. But she did it! So we met by my work downtown and headed off to Reading Terminal. Reading is very cool! It's like an indoor farmer's market/food court. We walked around there for awhile,

had a cupcake at our favorite place, the Flying Monkey,

a yummy pineapple upside down cupcake.

Then we headed down the street jus to stroll and view... We found a cool Tea bar, found some interesting landmarks,

and lastly ended up in Gelato heaven again,

this time with the duo of Thai coconut/ pineapple mint.

They were exquisite to say the least. Jade didnt mind helping herself to some samples as well... Afterwards, as we were heading down to Urban Outfitters to get me a belt..( Im skinny so sue me), we got some nachos, really white nachos, at Qdoba(dont ask) and then it started to rain. We jumped back on the sub after doing some fun stroller tricks.
It really was a great Friday in late June....


Nina49a said...

HI! I love your Blog! I stole you from Corynne. You guys are insanely active! You encourage me to get up and go! Philly looks like fun. Blessing on you and your adorable lil fam.

Sara said...

fun explorations! I hope you guys are doing well!

Kebble said...

My sweet baby sister, I can't belive that you went all by your self. You know me I am a worry wart. Be careful and be safe! Love your pictures. Love and Prayers Kebble

Rebecca said...

Stroller tricks. Ha ha. Thats definatly a Joe trait. Joe remember when we "went to the bank". I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOO sorry about that day!! OH my gosh!!!

Ha ha ha haha ha....sooo bad!!!