Monday, June 23, 2008

Friday, June 20

We always take the opportunity to do as much as we can in the little amount of time that God has given us. My philosophy is to maximize the time you are given and it will seem like three times the amount of normal time. After I got off work on Friday, I found a place to sharpen my knives for work. It was in Quakertown, which is approximately 45 minutes north of where we live. We drove up there. Lo, and behold, there was a barn in the middle of all these houses and a mini-van convention. Inside the barn was a man who sharpened all my knives for six bucks. After this, I had noticed earlier that there was a lake nearby. We drove about 10 -15 minutes south and located the prettiest little lake and county park, Green Lane Park. It was so cool. You can camp there and even rent boats to go fishing.

After walking around there for a bit, we got back in the car and continued our scenic route down Route 29. We found a local ski area, Spring Mountain, which is basically a small hill with two lifts. Prettttty impressive.... I digress! We continued on, the food chambers were a rumblin' , so we were on the lookout for a eatery. We stopped at this stoplight in this cute little town called Phoenixville. We saw everyone walking down the street and hangin out.... What is going on out here? We pulled over and got out. It was a great lil town and we had some good grub there. After piggin out and Hazel eating all of our calamari (she ate half the plate), we drove on down, through Valley Forge and got home around 11 pm. Thats what we did after I got off work.....


penelope said...

Hey Joe! It's good to hear from you! I hope you are enjoying your new job, and WOW you guys really do get alot of stuff done. haha. I'm glad to see pictures of you, Monica, Hazel, and Jade. It seems Hazel has quite the appetite there!
<3 Penny!

Anonymous said...

You guys are the coolest!! :)