Monday, June 23, 2008

Button's New Ride

Hazel's awesome grandpa, Rick, gave her a new bike for her 2nd bday. She loves this thing...always wants to ride it. She "rode" it on one of our trips to the library (the geeks that we are we visit the library ALL the time) anyhow I use the term "rode" lightly because she peddled a couple of time then just sat there. You see her bike has a parent handle so that I can push it and steer from left to right. So I did all the work!! I know she will learn that riding a bike takes some physical effort. Hopefully she can ride on Grandpa Rick's sweet Harley someday.....

Thanks Button


penelope said...

AWW! This is so adorable! I love seeing how you guys are doing! I'm glad you guys made this blog! I'm happy 'Button' likes to read books and that you guys go to the library often! The pictures are awesome, i miss you guys!
<3 Hazey's body-gaurd!

Mary Montgomery said...

Grandpa Rick won't let me on his bike and we know he's way more protective of Button:)
She is getting so big I love and miss y'all!