Wednesday, June 18, 2008

How did we get here?

We haven't really posted any pics of the road or anything. I think it's mostly because everything has been so crazy and we haven't had any time to even think about how we picked up and moved everything across country. Driving across country was interesting. I've always wanted to do it, I just thought it would be a leisure drive stopping at all the obscure tourist attractions along the way, you know pulling out to all the "scenic lookouts". Well we didn't exactly do our cross country adventure in that manner. It was more like 19 hour days of driving, trying tirelessly to catch up with the runaway penske truck with it's insane driver hopped up on crack gum (energy gum) while two children scream for hours in the back seat...the little one sounding like a mini blues singer belting out her woeful cries while the other one continuously stated "down, down, down"...and I cried sister Ginger tried to keep me sane--I had many moments of insanity

My sister Ginger and nephew Sean were so kind and gave up their week to assist us in our move..we are forever grateful to them...they are livesavers!!!

This is us when we were saying goodbye to my family in California (still I am brought to tears when I think of them) I am so sad most of the time, so homesick...I miss hugging my mom & sisters and my family.

Hazel, Jade, and I with Abuela.

And this is we set out on our adventure....we had no idea what was ahead of us....

I think we drove like 19 hours our first day....yeah not fun....we ended up at the Ritz Carlton in Bachelor Gulch, Co. We were all tired, and insane from the fatigue of the road. It was a nice stop though, the hotel was probably the most beautiful one we have stayed was gorgeous...I didn't want to leave! It was like this really swanky lodge and the bed was delightful (as Ritz Carlton beds usually are).

Hazel and the Hotel's dog "Bachelor"

Jeez I should have bought this sweet pinata at this Mexican restaurant we ate at right before we left Bachelor Gulch....I think she is supposed to be a bratz doll or something...she was awesome. I think she is the perfect role-model for our youth.

Our next stop (mind you we did make tons of tiny stops to nurse, change diapers, the occasional snack...senor Penske would not allow Starbucks breaks) was in Kansas to see Joe's family. We had such an awesome time, eating BBQ, seeing Joe's sweet Grandma & aunt Roselynn, visiting with Joe's Dad, sister Mary, brother Dave, and cousin Leeann. We love it in Kansas so much...I told Joe that I didn't want to leave...he said to find him a job in Kansas and we wouldn't.... Here are some picks of us in Kansas with the Family...

Here is Joe and his Dad, and brother David.

Joe saying hello to his Grandma

Great Grandma (GG) and little Jade.

Jade and her lovely auntie Mary.

Hazel & Jade with Joe's cousin Leeann.

Jade and her auntie Roselynn

Hazel and her Grandpa (aka "princess").

The Montgomery Family!!!

Joe's original idea was to drive from Kansas all the way to Philly, and we tried...oh did we try. We stopped in Ohio I think, and slept for like 5 or 6 hours then continued on our way. I will leave you with some funny photos. You see, we were all tired (all the adults anyway) however Hazel had been mostly asleep while we were driving so when we stopped to sleep at the Fairfield Inn in Ohio, it was party time for her. She snuck out of bed as we all tried to recharge for the last leg of the trip. 1st Hazel decided to sample the pears we had purchased biting each pear a few time then placing them on the windowsill...

Then she got into my makeup and made herself look like she had a five o'clock shadow which can only be described at the "hobo look"

Ok, so this blog is so enormous, I will pick up on it later. Stay tuned for the finale of the Montgomery rode trip.




Bloggity Blog Blog said...

Yeah blog buddies!!! Oh my gosh thats stinkin hillarious that your Daughter Hazel had a fun little rondevous while you and Joe where sleeping....

OH my gosh. If I EVER get married. Tell my husband to take me to the Colorado Ritz Carlton!! SOooo beautiful!!! OH My gosh!!

Anonymous said...

I've been looking forward to hearing about your adventures cross country: )
Sounds like you definitely had one!!
I miss you guys so much!
I miss your voice!
Love you<3

penelope said...

I want to come over and visit soon! My mom wants to find the 'right time' for me to go to philly and cali. By which, I hope is very soon!
Miss you

penelope said...

HA i know where haze got The Beatles shirt! i love the beatles! woo! go hayzel! you rock! haha
<3 penny!

Kebble said...

The picture of Hazel on her bike, I can't belive how much Hazel looks like Monika at that age. Makes me want to cry.......