Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Sunday in Philly (an impromptu walking tour)

Sunday Joe's little sis Heather and her boyfriend Josh came to visit us. We wanted to go into Philadelphia and explore. The art museum in Philadelphia is "pay as you like" on Sundays so we've been wanting to check it out. I guess you tell the cashier how much you'd like to pay and they give you a ticket. Which is kind of awkward because the average person would prefer to pay nothing but I'm sure if you said that you'd be greeted with a dirty look. So we overcame that cheap voice inside of us and said, "$5?"

In order to get to the museum we rode the "El" which is Joe's mode of transportation these days. The "El" is the subway that goes from Upper Darby to center city Philadelphia where Joe works. We had to ride a shuttle to the subway since there was construction going on. We caught the shuttle at the 69th street terminal in downtown upper darby. The terminal is an interesting place to say the least. It is complete with an inordinate amount of "crazies" carrying on very tumultuous conversations with the voices in their heads...and it can feel like downtown Zimbabwe at times where crosswalk anarchy is a normal part of life...meaning people just walk across the street even if the obvious big red hand is displayed.

So the museum was really awesome and we had a great time, it is seriously so big that we are going to have to make a couple of trips. I can't wait to go back. We got to explore the American and European art sections and the have a Kimono exhibit that I can't wait to check out. I love art although I by no means possess any artistic talents I do love to observe it's beauty. It comes from first my mother exposing us to museums and classical music. I also took a art appreciation class in college which was my impetus to travel, to see these beautiful things, art, cathedrals, architecture....and I did. I loved it. I love having kids and exposing them to these things, I want them to travel more than I did, to love art even more, and to be cultured and educated individuals of course this is secondary to loving the Lord and living their lives for Him!

Joe and Heather (and Hazel too but she is passed out)

The art museum is where they have the famous steps from Rocky and they also have a statue, so there are alot of tourists in line to take a picture in front of Rocky. They all have their arms up in "victory" just like Rocky!

Here are a couple of pictures we took from the museum...

We tried to wait for the buses but they never came so we opted to walk instead of wait. On our walk from the museum to our lunch destination we saw this statue and Hazel obviously fell in love because she adores dogs...

I don't think this is very sanitary but we couldn't stop her.

We found a BBQ type restaurant in the art museum area and we decided to try it. It was good we mostly just had fun eating & talking in the patio.

Hazel figuring out what she want to eat while sipping on some chilled water.

Jade sitting table-side in her stroller...that's an interesting facial expression, huh?

Two cuties, Josh & Heath---great company and good troopers as we walked aimlessly through Philadelphia looking for this specific BBQ restaurant.

Joe & I

The restaurant was good. Sometimes it's frustrating because we would like to try new restaurants and they end up being just "ok" and we would probably be better off making our own food at home. Very rarely do we come across places that just totally impress us...huh so the search for "good" food shall continue.

After lunch we wanted to eat gelato at this place that we kept seeing while we were staying at the Ritz. We would either see it right after we had ice cream or right before we'd want to eat dinner, so suffice to say it was never the "right" time....but we were dying to try it. Especially since gelato is very near & dear to our hearts!

So en route (walking, walking, walking in the humid heat is very fun) to the gelato place we came across this very cool fountain...

The fountain was inviting, drawing us to it...we were helpless

heck even I was tempted to jump in. My mind promptly dismissed the gentle warnings that "this is not hygienic by any stretch of the imagination" and I was very close to getting...very close. The idea of being wet in public amidst others that decided not to jump in...looking at them all comfy and dry as I walk around dripping....uhh no thanks.

Hazel testing the water. The girl is a sucker for any sized body of water and promptly ditched her shoes in order to dip her cute little feet in the water (clean?) Jade apprehensively looks on as Daddy dips her toes in the water.

She couldn't resist and decides to take the plunge. I opted for the White Trash look instead of walking around with a Toddler drenched from head to toe, so I removed her clothing and let her "go for it".

Jade has fun as she vicariously enjoys the adventures of her older sis Hazel Rei....

Heath & Joe...siblings!

Heather takes on the challenge of smacking the fountain's toosh as Hazel follows her, of course.

Hazel is very upset by the reality that we actually have to leave and is consoled by Josh & Heath. I truly believe that, if allowed, she could stay in there indefinitely.

Yes Hazel was very disappointed that she could not frolic in the fountain all night but here is a progression of events leading her to ultimate bliss.....

So yes, flower picking is the perfect way to chase away Hazel's tears and turn her mood from utter disappointment and sadness to total unmitigated happiness. I wish I could chase away my sadness by picking a darn flower..huhhhmmm.

Joe came home from work the next day and very seriously stated, "yeah no more jumping in fountains" to which I responded, "WHY?". Well, I guess some folks at work said that homeless people take their baths in the public fountains. Yeah,'s something that is so obvious in the heat will do crazy things to your judgment.

So we then made our way to this gelato joint that has been haunting us. We found it (after I asking for directions from strangers--something someone who shall go nameless was resistant to do). So we found it, and Joe was in heaven. This place ain't 31 flavors, I mean they have really swanky stuff like mojito flavored gelato and basil & lemon...boy was Joe was happy!I was happy because they had really yummy iced tea, and Heath was happy because they had spectacular 24 hour brewed iced coffee, which I tasted and was out of this world good. Here is a link to that gelato place, it's pretty cool.

We hopped on the "El" and headed back home. After some entertaining dancing by Hazel Rei & Jade Anise (and Joe), Heath & Josh made their way back to Connecticut. And this is how our evening ended....kinda random but Joe was hungry so he whipped up some crab sandwiches....but he started with these...

Who does this? Who decides at 9:00 at night that they want crab sandwiches and decides to start making them from actual crabs. Joe is special!!




Anonymous said...

Sounds like you guys are on vacation.
Discovery is fun!!
And Im sure there's so much more to see?
Any plans to go to New York??

Rebecca said...

Cool. Okay now I'm Philly CONVINCED!! Yah...I think you guys are FOR REAL on this blog. Better be!! (Why do I freak out on this stuff??) It's been so long since I've even seen you guys!! Kinda mind boggling I think.

Hillarious hazel in the fountain. Hillarious!!! So cute!!