Friday, April 2, 2010

The Mercer Museum

"By 1897 handmade objects were being discarded in favor of new machine-made goods. Historian and archaeologist Henry Mercer (1856-1930) recognized the need to collect and preserve the outmoded material of daily life in America before it was swept away by the Industrial Revolution. Mercer gathered almost 30,000 items ranging from hand tools to horse-drawn vehicles and assembled this encyclopedic collection in a system of his own devising. To enhance the collection's educational value, and to share it with the public, Mercer decided to design and build a museum to display the artifacts."

This past Sunday we decided to visit the Mercer Museum.  My fabulous husband stays up late. Doing what? Researching. Researching what?  I don't now, just about everything. Travel, realty, antique butter churning devices, and of course cool things to do with his family. He learned that this museum was going to be free on Sunday, so we drove nearly and hour to go. It was amazing. It was a castle filled with plenty of amazing things of days gone past, and we didn't see nearly all of we must go back.  We had a grand time!!!



Anonymous said...

what a beautiful castle and exciting adventure:)
lovely photos- my favorite is the one of you through the window. i look forward to someday visiting this castle with you:)

Blogger said...

what a neat place!