Thursday, April 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Hazel Rei!

Hazel: Walk down memory lane.

Four years ago, God brought us our sweet, loveable, crazy, vivacious, beautiful baby girl. Hazel is super excited to be four. We are so lucky to have her in our lives. She is constantly a reminder of God's promises and His goodnesss because she was born on our third wedding anniversary.  Joe, Hazel, and I have a special bond on April 29th!  We love her so. She makes us laugh everyday and we just adore her!

Happy Birthday Hazel!!!!!!!!!!!

Today, Hazel is spending the day with Daddy at work. This is something that she has been obsessed with for several weeks.  So, Joe promised to take her today on her birthday. So she left this morning with her orange knife and apron.  Hopefully I will have photos for you later!

Love and God Bless.


Alyssum... said...

Happy Birthday, Hazel!!!! That's so exciting!!! Is Joe a chef? :)

Blogger said...

love it!!! Happy Birthday Hazel!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Hazel!!! You are such a blessing and I am thankful for you. You have touched my life through your mommy and I know you bring your parents immeasurable JOY. May today be filled with with blessings. You are one amazing, vivacious little girl. Thank you Jesus for blessing us with such a life. I love you Hazel:)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! God bless your life!
Love Nadia