Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hazel and Danny

They both have an "abuelita",which is really cool! They love to run around and try to climb trees. It seems as if they were instant buddies. It was so cute to see them having so much fun. Friendships are amazing when you are that young. It's mostly like, "you like to run around?", "cool me too!"...and a new friendship has began. I also might add, that I love the dynamics between the girl/boy friendship...there is no drama. It is great!!! Hazel has been blessed with a few other little buddies from our new playgroup that are mostly boys.  It is so great to see them all having fun together!

And here is my little peanut! She is mostly shy and stays close to mommy!

We pray that you have a beautiful day!!!!!!!!!



Anonymous said...

How Sweet:) friendship is a beautiful thing!

The Montgomerys said...

You are sweet!!!!!!!!! Our friendship is a beautiful thing for over 17 years. You are a constant sweet Joanne!!!!!! <3