Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Nadia :)

Let's just say that there are friends, and then there are FRIENDS.  Friends that you have seen Joe Dirt with at the movies, and have spent endless Friday nights studying at starbucks with, friends that you have millions of inside jokes with that nobody else on earth would think are even remotely funny,  friends that call your mom to see how she is....you know FRIENDS.  The girls and I are used to spending the weekends alone, which is fine, but sometimes we need a little something different. Well Nadia showed up and made our weekend marvelous!  Nadia, thank you for a beautiful visit!!!!! You are a total gem!  You are a wonderful friend and brightened up the weekend for the girls and I. God has blessed you in our lives!  <3 you.  See you in NYC :) oh and HOLLLLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEERRRR.



Anonymous said...

i am so glad nadia was able to visit, what a dear friend:)
beautiful photographs!!

Anonymous said...

Hollllerrr! Love ya. Nads

Anonymous said...

Hollerrrrrr! Love ya. Nadia

Blogger said...

Looks like you had a great weekend!!! Great photos!!

Alyssum... said...

That's so fun! You make me miss my best friend (she lives in Canada, very far away from me!). Your pictures are lovely I love that last one of Jade, she's so freaking cute.

The Montgomerys said...

Thank you!!!!!!

Alyssum: What is your bff doing in Canada? <3 I miss my family and friends in CA, sometimes my heart hurts :(