Saturday, March 27, 2010

Bunny Horror

I am so not a competitive person. Actually I hate competition. I hate hysteria. I would much rather run away from those types of situations then compete for something...that quite honestly I don't need or want. Sometimes when things are "free" it really does bring out the ugly in some people. I heard about an Easter egg hunt at a local farm, and feeling like I wanted to positively contribute to my kid’s lives...happy memories...I took them. If I would have known what was in store, I would have maybe thought longer and harder about it. So we arrived and there were so many cars parked everywhere. I should have known. I should have run. But, I didn't. There were tons of kids lined up across what looked like a racer's starting line. No, not just kids, but moms/dads/gramps/grannies/uncle bobs/auntie sallies...there were so many people. So my kids and I politely lined up behind a few groups of people. Then at noon, they let everyone lose. So all these people are in front of us, and they are going for it. They are grabbing for these plastic eggs, pushing toddlers, elbowing, it was quite startling. Not only kids were reaching for the eggs, but adults. I heard a dad bragging about how his two kids were able to get 72 eggs. OH, and by the way when I heard about the egg hunt, silly me, I didn't bring anything for my poor children to put their eggs in so we were given a plastic bag. No they didn’t have a pretty basket or anything; they had a ghetto plastic grocery bag. The girls and I were just walking around with our mouths open as people fought over plastic eggs. Luckily they were able to pick up a few eggs each. I mean it was cahhhraaazy! After the hunt, we waited in a very long line to meet the Easter bunny. Naturally my kids froze and started crying so I threw my camera at some lady who snapped a photo of us. It is fitting because it looks like he is going to kill us. Silly me, for thinking an egg hunt would be nice and peaceful with butterflies, sunshine, and happiness!
The girls were thankful for their eggs, and were content with the lollipops and super cool sunglasses they were given. And really, after all was said and done...we had fun. It was just kind of frightening.



Blogger said...

ahahahahahahaha...oh my goodness! people are insane!

Anonymous said...

i am cracking up:) you poor girl! what a nice thing to do for your precious girls. i love how they got scared when they saw the easter bunny. i would too:)
love you my friend.

Anonymous said...

I saw Bunny Horror and thought "this is gunna be a good one." totally funny. that bunny looks like a monster. I love how you are cracking a smile. Love you.

Alyssum... said...

Oh geez. Poor girls!!! I do think that picture with the easter bunny looks like you're about to be mauled. ;) CRAZY!!! But later in life they'll say to you, "Hey mom, remember when you took us to that scary Easter Egg hunt? Wasn't that the freakiest thing ever?" and you'll all laugh. :)

Nina49a said...

Oh Mon, I was laughing so hard through this entire post! That is the funniest thing ever! You did a great job portraying your day:)That bunny WAS freaky.

Hannah Hosh said...

So funny! Thanks for the laugh. Sounds like something that would happen to us too. :)