Monday, January 18, 2010

Coffee with friends

I missed my kickboxing class, the one I have been waiting for all week. I thought I would step out of my comfort zone and attend something to "get myself out there" and it backfired on didn't work out. So, I had coffee with my girls, and later after pouting for a few minutes I ended up jogging along an indoor track and spent some time with the Lord.  No loud music, kicking and punching...just Jesus and it was nice. I think God knew I needed some time alone that day, quiet, and just with Him.  I am blessed to have such lovely & sweet coffee companions...yes truly BLESSED!

Have a beautiful week, much love!


Christian said...

Sounds like a beautiful day Mon!

Anonymous said...

i love how jade has her hand placed gently on hazel. love the matching pink jackets and the sparkles in there eyes. i love you monica! you are an inspiration in many ways.

Anonymous said...

Oh my the girls are soooo adorable, I can't wait until I can see them in person and kiss them a million times....xoxo ally